Sheep Shearing

Nomads shear their sheep ahead of winters in Samaga village of Majalta tehsil of Udhampur district of Jammu on Friday.  Shearing, according to veterinarians, is crucial to sheep’s health. Vets say that extra wool on a domestic sheep puts the animal at risk for overheating, discomfort and disease. If shearing is neglected, sheep become so heavy with wool that they have trouble walking or running, their ability to graze becomes compromised, and they cannot keep up with the flock for protection, or run from predators. Photographed by Mir Imran/GK

Sheep make a valuable contribution to the livelihood of the economically weaker sections of the society especially in the mountainous areas by its multifaceted utility of producing wool, meat, hides and manure etc. 
Wool is an important product of sheep which continuously grows on it and its utility and value depends upon its quality.