Mendhar villagers crave for better roads

Mendhar villagers crave for better roads
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Inhabitants of several villages of Mendhar area of this border district are up in arms against the government for failing to address the dilapidated condition of roads in the area.

A group of locals said that the road between Bhata Dhurian and Sangiote Gali is in an extremely bad condition "and despite repeated pleas, the concerned department has failed to take necessary action".

They said the road link connects several villages having a large population but its poor condition has become a cause of worry for them.

"After losing hope, we at times ourselves repair the road by filling pothole", said a local resident, lamenting that the bad condition of the road could put to risk lives of the commuters.

The villagers urged the district administration to start repair work on the road and blacktop it for smooth movement of vehicles as soon as possible.

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