Social media users raise Rs 7 lakh for minor’s treatment in 24 hours

Social media users raise Rs 7 lakh for minor’s treatment in 24 hours
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At least Rs seven lakh were raised in just 24 hours for treatment of a minor girl from this district, through an appeal made on social media.

A six-year-old girl from Khawas area of this Rajouri wasadvised by the doctors of SMHS Shalamar hospital Jammu that she needs toundergo a complete blood transfusion from PGI Chandigarh as she had developedinitial symptoms of a fatal illness.

The cost of the treatmentwas suggested to be around Rs 6.5 lakhs. "Being a daily wager in Public HealthEngineering Department who hasn't been paid from last 12 months, I waswondering for how could I save my daughter," said Chamail Singh, father of thegirl.

Meanwhile, the social activists from his district came toknow about the issue and they put the wheels of social media into motion.

On April 19, social activists Waqar Lone, Nadeem Mir,Wajahid and others from Kotranka and Budhal areas made a passionate appeal onsocial media sharing the particulars of the patient and financial aid requiredto save her life.

"We were hopeful that an appeal on social media can dothe job, so we put up one on Sunday morning," Lone said.

He said all patient details, phone numbers of family membersand bank details were shared in the form of an appeal on social media.

"Within no time the appeal went viral and was soontrending," said another activist, Nadeem Mir, who also played a vital rolein the noble act.

The activists were surprised to see the response of people."We were amazed within few hours, thousands of people starteddonating," Mir said.

From top bureaucrats to police officials, everyonecontributed. Mir said number of senior bureaucrats of J&K, including manyDeputy Commissioners, donated towards the account, besides, an entire batch ofJammu and Kashmir Police Officers (JKPS-2012) donated more than Rs 80,000 forthe cause, he said.

He said with people fromall walks of life contributing, within less than 24 hours Rs seven lakh werecollected, which were immediately transferred to the account of the father ofthe girl.

Chamail Singh could not believe his luck.  "I could have never imagined that somany would come forward to extend their help. This was totallyunexpected," he said. "I am highly thankful to everyone who sharedtheir earnings to save my daughter."

He said although the complete treatment of the girl wouldcost him more, but he is content that at least he has the amount which isrequired now.

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