Forces continue strengthening Village Defence Committees in Rajouri

Special firing practice camp held near LoC in Nowshera sector
Forces continue strengthening Village Defence Committees in Rajouri
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Rajouri, Jan 15: Security forces in border district Rajouri are continuing with efforts to strengthen Village Defence Committees (VDCs) by sharpening their firing and weapons handling skills.

The step for strengthening the Village Defence Committees has been taken after recent terrorist attack on January 1 in Dhangri village in which seven people were killed and 14 others sustained injuries.

Lieutenant Governor as well as Director General of Police had promise to strengthen VDCs during their visit in the district after these civil killings and many ex servicemen have been provided with Self Loading Rifles (SLRs).

Officials said that a main step move towards strengthening VDCs is sharpening their firing skills, weapon handling and weapon cleaning as well as maintenance skills.

Army, CRPF and Jammu and Kashmir police on Sunday held a special VDC camp at Lam ground located close to the Line of Control in Nowshera sector of Rajouri district.

The area is considered sensitive in terms of its location near Line of Control and a number of infiltration attempts have taken place in the sector in last two years.

In this camp, VDC members from villages including Lam, Laroka, Mohra Kampala, Pukharni, Bhata, Raipur, Qila Darhal took part with weapon trainers of forces demonstrated proper handling of weapon, cleaning and maintenance practices.

Special firing session was also organised on this occasion and participants were made to fire at designated targets.

" We are in VDC since over a decade. The things remained relatively calm in last ten years but there is some disturbance now for which we are also preparing ourselves," said these VDC members while interacting during this session.

They further appealed Government to provide Self Loading Rifles to ex-servicemen in the area also so that VDCs can further be strengthened.

Rajouri Senior Superintendent of Police, Mohammad Aslam said that efforts to strengthen VDCs are going on across the district and police, army and CRPF are jointly putting in efforts in it.

He said that special training capsules are being organised across the district

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