Apni Party rally not a power show, but for restoration of statehood: Altaf Bukhari

File Photo of Apni Party chief, Altaf Bukhari
File Photo of Apni Party chief, Altaf Bukhari

Srinagar:  Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf  Bukhari on  Thursday said the rally of his party on Saturday here is not a  show of power  but  in support of the demand  for restoration of statehood  to Jammu and Kashmir.

In an interview, he said,” Our rally is not a power show but its prime  objective is for the demand of restoration of statehood to Jammu and Kashmir.  We have been strongly demanding restoration of statehood  and garnered support of people for it by moving  from village to village. The rally in Srinagar is also in support of our demand. If centre has to restore statehood why not before assembly polls.”

 Bukhari stated that the rally is also a message to the people here that there is a party ( Apni Party), which represents their aspirations.

Apni Party President reiterated that his party is doing  result  oriented politics and not emotional politics, done by traditional political parties. “ The traditional political parties here have been doing political of emotions. They made the people to dream about non-achievable things and in the process the masses suffered. Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was a prominent leader, who did certain good things. But he also committed a mistake by raising the slogan of right of self determination. While he himself changed  politically but his predecessors mislead the people again through the slogans of autonomy,” Bukhari said.

Asked to comment on  National Conference (NC) Vice President Omar Abdullah’s statement that he will  not contest assembly polls in Union Terriority, Bukhari said,” It must be welcomed that if  such leaders have decided to sit at home realising that how they kept on misleading the people whether in the name of autonomy or self rule. It is good that if they realised that whatever happened on August 5,2019 was also because of their politics of exploitation and wrong deeds.”

 Apni Party President stated that there is no doubt that the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir were snatched by central government. “ If they have snatched our rights, only they can restore those back. Apni Party will fight tooth and nail on all  relevant fora for our  snatched rights,”he said.

Bukhari also defended meeting Prime Minister, Home Minister and other central leaders from time to time. “ Solution of our problems  lies with them. We have to  go to them for the solution of our problems,” he said.

To a question about assembly polls, Bukhari said that his party is ready for elections. He said that their rally in Srinagar has nothing to do with elections.

 “Our’s is a new political party and we keep on doing our activities. Election is not an end but means to an end,” he said.

Apni Party President said that his party will also work for the release of the youth, presently  in jails here and  outside.

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