Has Rahul Gandhi party-to-party understanding with China: Chugh

BJP General Secretary Tarun Chugh
BJP General Secretary Tarun ChughFile

New Delhi: BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today demanded that “Congress leader Rahul Gandhi should make public the party-to-party understanding that he has struck with the Chinese ruling party.”

In a statement, Chugh said it was an open secret now that under the aegis of Rahul Gandhi, the Congress struck an understanding with the Chinese ruling party. “It was borne by the fact that during the Doklam crisis, Rahul Gandhi had a breakfast meeting with the Chinese diplomats in Delhi. Instead of helping the nation overcome the Doklam crisis Rahul Gandhi was cutting bread with the Chinese authorities which was so disgraceful,” Chugh said.

He said there seemed to have been an understanding of Rahul Gandhi with the Chinese Communist party which has anti-national dimensions and it is high time the Congress opened its cards in the interest of the nation.

BJP leader said there is in fact information that a party-to-party MOU has been signed as well. If it is true then Rahul Gandhi should share the contents with the nation, otherwise, he must deny that there was no party-to-party understanding with China.

Ït is a serious matter which has serious national security implications and Rahul Gandhi owes it to the nation to clarify his stance on it”, Chugh added.

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