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Greater Kashmir

Great power game, again

War is no solution, it will only compound our problems

Srinagar, Publish Date: Jan 4 2018 1:28AM

One reading of history is that the world is what the wars determined it to be. The victors finally decided the political landscape of the world, and the devastated nations could only ask for a right to somehow live in the world of the victorious powers. But in all this the loss of life, the devastation of the belongings of life, and the destruction of human and civilisational structures has been a permanent loss. War is an ugly thing and those who romanticise it commit crime against humanity. The people living in our region must be alarmed by the emerging power contest between the global powers, the site of which can easily be our neighbourhood. We, living in Kashmir, can not be immune to the devastating effects of any military confrontation in the region. In fact, Kashmir can be one of the significant contributing causes of any such confrontation. The recent tweet by the head of the most mighty military power is an alarming indicator of what could visit our region. The recent proxy confrontations of the global powers in the Middle East is a reminder of what such a thing can bring to a region. The states of the region are duty-bound to avoid any such human catastrophe. The leadership of all the countries in this region, particularly China, Indian and Pakistan, must look for avenues of dialogue on all the contested issues. It is incumbent on the state structures, and the political leadership that no war hysteria developed in this region. For this, we all need a sobering reality check. War is a dirty thing and its dirt spills in all directions. The kind of weapons that the states have amassed would turn everything to ashes. Even the victors in such a war would be great losers. So rather than bolstering any war talk, it is time to apply sense and ensure restrain on all sides. War is no solution, it will only compound our problems.