AJK expresses solidarity with Kashmiris

A rally was held here on Tuesday to condemn bloodshed by forces in the aftermath of the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen’s 22-year old commander Burhan Wani.
AJK expresses solidarity with Kashmiris
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A rally was held here on Tuesday to condemn bloodshed by forces in the aftermath of the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen's 22-year old commander Burhan Wani.

Participants of the rally, who were carrying banners and placards, paraded through the main thoroughfare chanting pro-freedom slogans.

Speaking on the occasion, leaders of the rally pointed out that so far at least 32 people have lost their lives and over 350 injured at the hands of forces, who had been using excessive force against the unarmed civilians protesting against the killing of commander Wani and his two colleagues.

They said that commander Wani had disproved Delhi's propaganda that Pakistan was training Kashmiri youth and fanning armed struggle in Jammu and Kashmir.

India should read the writings on the wall that the Kashmiris are determined to fight for their right to self determination.

"Delhi has turned Kashmir into a living hell for its people… If the international community does not rise to the occasion, the fire ignited by India will engulf the whole region," said Uzair Ghazali of Pasban-e-Hurriyat, one of the organisers.

He regretted that not only the international community but also the Muslim Ummah and Organisation of Islamic Conference were keeping mum on the situation in India-held Kashmir.

"It is the very silence that has been encouraging India to go ahead with its killing spree in the held territory," he said.

Human rights activist Mushtaq ul Islam maintained that the people of Kashmir felt alienated, which had necessitated a stronger than ever moral and diplomatic support to them from outside world.

Ghazali and others called upon Islamabad to use all available channels to highlight atrocities being committed on Kashmiris across the globe.

"After Allah, we have pinned all of our hopes on Pakistan and we hope it will not disappoint us," he said.

One unidentified young speaker said people of Pakistan should not forget that Kashmiri youths were fighting forces at the peril of their lives while holding green Pakistani flags.

"History will record that when the Kashmiris were busy receiving their dead and carrying their Pakistani flag draped coffins towards the graves, Pakistanis were busy grabbing tickets for an Indian movie to help it break box office record," he fumed. 

Some speakers also took the PaK  government and political leadership to task for "wholly solely dedicating themselves to electioneering" and turning a blind eye to the unprecedented atrocities on their brethren across the Line of Control.

In Islamabad, Hizbul Mujahideen supreme commander Syed Salahuddin and APHC leaders staged a sit-in outside the UN office to pay tributes to commander Wani and other Kashmiris.

Referring to the Libyan resistance leader Omar Mukhtar, he said while he was 'Lion of the Desert, young Wani was "Lion of the Paradise."

Later, all participants offered funeral prayers in absentia for Wani.

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