J&K versus Odisha: What went wrong?

J&K versus Odisha – another interesting match, albeit a disappointing result for J&K fans.
J&K versus Odisha: What went wrong?
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J&K versus Odisha – another interesting match, albeit a disappointing result for J&K fans. It was 4th loss for team J&K in 7 matches played so far in the tournament.  But what went wrong in the match?

Look at the data given in table 1 below. Of the total 490 runs scored with bat (other than extras), only 87 were contributed by batsmen at the top of the order (number 1, 2 and 3). It is a complete batting failure at the top, not for the first time this season though. In the middle order, Irfan has failed yet again to put up a decent batting performance. Batsman Irfan averaging 30 in 14 innings, without a hundred so far, is that fair given the cost incurred on him? And wicket keeper is abysmally poor at batting.

The top order has completely failed, middle order banks on skipper Parvez Rasool and the tail, have nothing to lose, though it is doing its bit. Well done boys at the tail!

Is anybody being taken to task on batting fiasco in team J&K? Is the performance of the batting coach not questionable?

On bowling, there is another interesting data matrix in the form of table 2 below. Although 83% of the wickets (10 out of 12) were claimed by the pace bowlers (Irfan, Mudhasir and Umar), yet spinners have bowled 44% of the overs (46 by Parvez and 21 by Amir). On one hand, skipper Parvez who claimed only two wickets in two innings, bowled 46 overs (30%) in the match and on the other, Umar who claimed 3 wickets in 18 overs in the first inning, was given a single over in the second innings. What is the logic captain? Is it misuse of authority or underuse of resources?

Even in the opponents' camp, pacers did bulk of the bowling, with Basant Mohanty bowling 53 overs to claim 7 wickets. Similarly, Suryakant Pradhan bowled 44 overs for his 5 wickets.              

More the analysis, many would be the reasons of failure unfolding. And, the way forward? Accountability! 

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