Advisor Kumar interacts with coaches, young athletes at Indoor Sports Complex

Advisor Kumar interacts with coaches, young athletes at Indoor Sports Complex
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Advisor to Governor, K Vijay Kumar today visited Indoor Sports Complex to review the sports facilities being made available by the Jammu and Kashmir State Sports Council (JKSSC) for the young athletes undergoing training in various sports discipline.

Director General, Youth Servicesand Sports Dr Saleem-ur-Rehman, Secretary JKSSC Dr Naseem Choudhary, othersenior officers and coaches were present on the occasion.

At IndoorSports Complex, the Advisor visited Judo Hall, Yoga Hall, Badminton &Gymnastic Halls and skating rink where he interacted with the coaches givingtraining to the young athletes of the state. He sought details of activities,training schedule and other training related details from the coaches.

He alsointeracted with the budding athletes undergoing training in their respectivesports discipline and enquired about the facilities and support being providedby the JKSSC to them. Secretary JKSSC also introduced senior coaches andathletes who have brought laurels to the state in their respective fields.

The Advisorhad detailed discussions with the coaches and athletes regarding availablefacilities and steps need to be taken to further up-grade the existinginfrastructure and facilities so that more and more youth would join the sportsand represents the state at various levels.

He gave best wishes to the youngathletes and their mentors for their upcoming events and asked JKSSC to provideall required support to them by at every level.

SecretaryJKSSC also briefed the Advisor about the activities that are being carried outby this sports body to encourage youth in taking parts in sports activities andtraining and workshops being organized for the benefit of the sports player.

While taking round of the IndoorSports Complex, the Advisor was also informed about the renovation andup-gradation works undergoing at Table Tennis Hall.

Earlier,the Advisor visited office of DG YSS and Secretary JKSSC where he received adetailed resume of activities and achievements from YSS and Sports Council.

While discussing the functioningof JKSSC, he was informed about the staff strength especially the field staffposted outside the head office, budgetary support for carrying out the sportsactivities, funds utilized in last year and till date in current financialyear, status of projects being executed by JKSSC and action plan for the yearto carry out activities district level.

After having thorough discussionsover planned activities, the Advisor asked Secretary JKSSC for focusing more inengagement of youth in sports activities especially living in far off andremote places.

Meanwhile, the Advisor was alsogiven briefed presentation by DG YSS Dr Saleem-ur-Rehman regarding functioningof his office with regard to promotion of games at school level.

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