ICC free to take T20, ODI WC out of India: BCCI

ICC free to take T20, ODI WC out of India: BCCI
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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in therecent ICC quarterly meeting was told by the world body to get tax exemptionfor conducting future global events like the 2021 T20 World Cup and 2023 ODIWorld Cup. If BCCI fails to get the exemption, it will have to bear the taxliability in hosting the showpiece events. But the move has not gone down wellwith certain sections within the board.

Speaking to IANS, a senior BCCI official said that the ICCwas free to move the tournament out of India if it felt that was the wayforward as matters related to tax needed the government's approval and externalpressure would not help.

"We will abide by what the Tax Department and theMinistry decides on this. We would love for the World Cup to take place here,but if the ICC wants to play hard ball, they must be ready for everything.

"If they want to take the ICC tournament out of India,it's fine. Let BCCI then take the revenue out of the ICC and see who losesmore.

"Those in-charge of administration are trying to takepolicy decisions without jurisdiction to do so. The ICC will find it difficultto hold the BCCI to those decisions since a lot of these decisions do not havethe approval of the board," the official pointed.

Another BCCI official added that while the ICC claims tohave an inclusive approach, it looks at every possible opportunity to hurt India'sinterest.

"It was found earlier that the ICC had a differentcontract with different member boards. For example, Cricket Australia was onlyrequired to make best endeavours to get tax exemption while the BCCI wasrequired to ensure tax exemption.

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