Indoor Stadium to stay open till late in the evening: Sarmad Hafeez

‘Enough funds allocated for making it a better place for players’
Indoor Stadium to stay open till late in the evening: Sarmad Hafeez
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Keeping in view the demand of the sportspersons who throng Indoor Stadium on a daily basis, J&K State Sports Council is going to keep Sheri-Kashmir Indoor Stadium open till late evening hours.

The stadium which is major hub of the multi sportsactivities currently remains open only till 6 PM in evening to the dismay ofsportspersons who go to the facility for the daily practice. They had beendemanding that the facility should be kept open till late evening hours so thatall the players, health conscious people of city can avail benefit of thefacility.

Secretary to Government, Youth Services and SportsDepartment, J&K Sarmad Hafeez termed the demand genuine and said that theGovernment will soon make arrangements to keep facility open till late eveninghours.

"It is excellent idea and a genuine demand of the players aswell as veteran health conscious persons who visit stadium on a daily basis. Insummer facilities like Indoor stadium can be kept open till late evening hoursso that all can take its full benefits. I will ask Secretary J&K StateSports Council to make arrangements to keep facility open till late and provideall facilities to the stadium goers," Sarmad said.

"Keeping stadium open under lights till late hours will helpeveryone from office goers to students. While students remain busy with tuitionand school during day hours, office goers also remain busy till late. This stepwill benefit one and all and also will keep stadium buzzing with activitiestill late hours under lights," he said.

He said that the step will also help attract more and moreyoungsters towards the sports activities.

"It will help us attract more and more youth towards thesports activities. They can now enjoy their time with sports activities duringtheir leisure time and will not have to care about the timing. All the steps inthis regard would be taken up and even if we have to utilize services of morestaff for the purpose," Sarmad said.

Sarmad Hafeez also revealed that the Government has releasedfunds for the upgrading of facilities in Indoor Stadium and work in that regardwill start soon.

"We have released enough funds to upgrade the facilities ofIndoor Stadiums. The funds have been allotted for washrooms, halls, waterpurifiers, lighting and all other minor, major things that need immediateattention," he said.

Sportspersons have welcomed the decision and have hoped thatit will not be only limited to the announcement only.

"It is great decision and has been the demand of the all thepersons who come to indoor Stadium daily. We hope that it will come into effectshortly," said Nisar Hussain, a veteran sportsperson.

Another sportsperson who trains daily at Stadium said thathe is hopeful that apart from keeping stadium open till late hours , SportsCouncil will also keep coaches and other staff available there.

"We have been asking for it since a long time and finallythey have decided to keep it open till late hours. At the same time SportsCouncil should ensure that their staff, both instructors and other supportstaff will remain present. Currently Indoor stadiums has very less staff whileas instructors, coaches hardly remain available," he said.

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