Mumbai Indian pacer Rasikh Salam feels on top of the world after IPL win

Mumbai Indian pacer Rasikh Salam feels on top of the world after IPL win

The young pace sensation of J&K, Rasikh Salam, who was part of 2019 Indian Premier League winning side, is feeling on top of the world as the win for him was once in a lifetime experience.

Rasikh who is second ever player from J&K after ParvezRasool to play in lucrative Indian Premier League also became the first playerever from J&K to be part of champion IPL team.

Mumbai Indians lifted the IPL 2019 title defeating ChennaiSuper Kings in final in Hyderabad and Rasikh Salam was very much part of theside.

Though after making his surprise debut in very first matchof Mumbai Indians campaign against Delhi Capitals, Rasikh was not handed secondmatch, the young pacer says that he has no worry.

"First to be part of IPL and then to make debut and beinghanded reasonability of bowling first ball is more than a fantasy journey. Inever had imagined that I would be playing the very first game and had neverdreamt about being part of the team which will eventually lift IPL title,"Rasikh told Greater Kashmir.

"It was mind-blowing moment when we lifted the title and forme to be part of the very same team was out of World experience. The momentMalinga got wicket on last ball to hand us the title I can't express thatfeeling in words. After that it was all fun and celebrations," Rasikh said.

The 17-year-old Rasikh said he is not worried about beingsidelined for rest of the tournament after making his debut as he has got timewith him.

"It doesn't bother me as I have been training under legendslike Shane Bond, Zaheer Khan and Mahela Jayawardene. They all have beenencouraging me to work hard and told me that I am still young and there is lotof time and scope for improvement. They also told me to gear up for futureopportunities that are likely going to come my way," Rasikh said.

Though Rasikh was not played in any match but Mumbai Indiansskipper Rohit Sharma, Director Cricket Zaheer Khan and even bowling Coach ShaneBond were all praise for him after he made his debut against Delhi.

Mumbai Indians bowling coach Shane Bond while praising Salamsaid he was one of better bowlers for the team during its IPL opener againstDelhi.

"It was a challenging start but as I said in the pre-camp,things are going to go wrong at times. You are going to bowl a no-ball but theeasy thing for Rasikh to do would have been to go to pieces but he certainlydidn't. I thought he showed great composure and was one of our better bowlers,"Bond was quoted by Mumbai Indian's website as saying.

Impressed with his composure and control over his swing,former India batsman Yuvraj Singh said Kashmir young fast bowler Rasikh Salamis going to emerge as a special player in the next two to three years.

"Rasikh swung the ball in the nets, that is why the boyswanted to play him. He got hit for a six and four in the last two balls. Otherthan that, he bowled well, Singh said in an interview with MITV.

"I think he did fantastic for his first match in terms ofhandling the pressure. Pretty much like an International game. I feel he isgoing to be special in the next 2-3 years," he further said.      

Mumbai's Director of Cricket Operations Zaheer Khan saidSalam is an exciting young prospect who has great temperament.

"Even Rohit Sharma is impressed with Rasikh. He was thinkingof giving him an opportunity as early in the season as possible, so excitingtimes ahead," said Zaheer.

Rasikh had joined Mumbai Indians in Mumbai well ahead of theleague start with focus on strength and conditioning. He says that during histhree month stay with the franchisee he learnt a lot and it is going to helphim during domestic season.

"I had joined team well in advance and worked hard undertrainers on my fitness and strengthening. When the actual camp started then Istarted working under some of the legends of the game. Each moment, day spentwith them was dream and I learnt a lot from them. One thing that I have learntfrom them is that there is no substitute for hard work and dedication," Rasikhsaid.

In the Mumbai Indian team Rasikh worked alongwith India'scurrent pace spearhead Jasprit Bumrah and he said that it was great learningexperience.

"Jasprit and I have good connection. We always talk to eachother. If I have any problem in bowling, field setting, yorker or the or slowerone I keep asking him and he responds well. He always tells me that you willalways have both good and bad phases you need to learn to come out of it. If Ibowl a wrong bowl then how to come back with the right one, that is what heteaches me," he said. 

Rasikh Salaam is set to join rest of the members of IndiaUnder 19 coaching camp in National Cricket Academy Bangalore and he said hisdream is to play in India Under-19 team.

"My immediate target is to play for India Under-19 and thenmove on step by step. I will try my best in Under-19 camp so that I make my wayinto the team," he said.

About his message to youth of Kashmir he said, "There is lotof talent in Kashmir and they should focus on their game work hard. There willbe ups and downs as it is part of life but one has to manage things well. Theway you manage those ups and downs will define your path and career".

Due to his IPL duties Rasikh had not joined Under-19 campbut will now join rest of the players on Friday. In the camp there are alsoother three players from J&K Qamran Iqbal, Mujtaba Yousuf and KanhaiyaWadhwan.

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