Cricket fever in Kashmir

Greater Kashmir Correspondent Abid Khan and GK lensman Aman Farooq sought the views of fans about why New Zealand and India lost their semifinal matches
Cricket fever in Kashmir
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Greater Kashmir Correspondent Abid Khan and GK lensman Aman Farooq sought the views of fans about why New Zealand and India lost their semifinal matches

I think New Zealand bowling did not clicked on the day it mattered most. They were unbeaten in the event on the back of solid bowling unit. However, in semifinal they failed to deliver.

For India it was two balls cost them the match and also the dew factor came into play. The toss played important role as dew affected the Indian bowlers.

Muneeb Khan


It is New Zealand bowling that cost them the title. They did pretty well to post defendable total on board against England. They would have expected their bowlers to do job like they had done in whole event. However that was not the case.

For India I think two balls turned out as deciding factor. No ball is always a big thing in any game and in this match it was no balls on which India got wickets. The other big thing that went against India side was dew factor. On that turf due to dew factor defending totals is always difficult. Dhoni's decision to go with Kohli in last over was also a wrong decision.

Sehran Mir


New Zealand's middle order failed in important game. After getting good start from top order New Zealand batsman couldn't capitalize on that leaving team to defend a not so good total. The other factor was failure of bowling in big match.

For India I think toss went against them. They prefer to chase totals and on most times achieve target. However, this time they were defending a big total on lively batting wicket of Wankhade stadium were they failed.

Asif Ali


New Zealand's bowling failed them on the big day. Everyone was talking about their effectiveness of defending totals due to their strong spinning attack. However, when it mattered most they failed.

For India it was sum of various things they worked against them and sent them crashing out of tournament. Bowling failed as they almost fail always while defending totals. The two no balls are always going to be big factor while as decision to go out with Virat Kohli in last over was wrong tactic from Dhoni.

Muhammad Ali


New Zealand failed to capitalize on the terrific start given to them by their top order. They were in great position to post big total but when it mattered most their middle failed them. It was first time that their middle order was tested in the event and they couldn't deliver. For India I believe Dhoni should know that his unorthodox tactics are not going to work every time. For last over he should have opted for  Ashwin rather than Kohli. It shows that he did not trust Ashwin who is a seasoned bowler. It was wrong decision and may be outcome would have different if he would have used Ashwin.

  Gulzar Ahmad


England negated the spin effect of New Zealand and that really turned game away from New Zealand. Before that it was middle order failure that cost Kiwi's big match.

For India I think two no balls turned out as main reason for the loss. To go out with Kohli in last over was also wrong decision.

Abid Hussain


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