Fans cheer loudly as ‘All India Police Football Tournament’ continues in Kashmir

Fans cheer loudly as ‘All India Police Football Tournament’ continues in Kashmir
Photo: Jammu and Kashmir Police Department

Srinagar, Mar 15: On the fourth day of the All-India Police Football tournament, 28 teams participated in a series of matches. The matches were highly anticipated by fans and were filled with excitement and anticipation.

As per the statement, the matches held at four renowned grounds viz Synthetic Turf Ground, Polo Ground, Bakshi Stadium and Kashmir University, witnessed nail-biting moments and exhilarating performances from the players.

At Kashmir University, the Vice-Chancellor University of Kashmir Prof Nelofar Khan was the chief guest of the match played between CRPF Women vs Manipur Police Women.

Speaking on the occasion, VC Kashmir University thanked J&K Police for organising All India Police Football Tournament and selecting the Kashmir University ground among other venues.

She added that Kashmir University looks so lively as the matches of All India Football Tournament are being played in the University Ground.

She said that it was an honour for her to witness the Women’s Football Match. In any competition, there will be winners and losers, however, what’s important is that athletes and teams strive to do their best and learn from both their successes and failures. She stressed that more events should be organized and held at Kashmir University.

The match was played with great fervour and ended with the score 2-0, and was won by CRPF Women’s team. Three other matches at the same venue were played between Rajasthan Police vsTelangana Police, Mizoram Police vs Jharkhand Police and Assam Rifles vsPuducherry Police.

The match between Rajasthan Police vsTelangana Police was won by Rajasthan Police and ended 4-0. The match between Mizoram Police vs Jharkhand Police was won by Mizoram Police and ended with a score of 5:1. The match between Assam Rifles vsPuducherry Police was won by Assam Rifles & ended with 10-0.

At Synthetic Turf Ground, the matches were played between Manipur Police Vs Meghalaya Police, Himachal Pradesh Police vs Chandigarh Police, RPF vs West Bengal Police and Odisha Police Vs Maharashtra Police. The match between Manipur Police vs Meghalaya Police was won by Manipur Police and ended with a score 2-0.

The match between by Himachal Pradesh Police Vs Chandigarh Police was won by Himachal Pradesh Police with the score 2:1. The match between RPF Vs West Bengal Police ended in with score 0:0, despite their best efforts, the match ended in a goalless draw. The match between Odisha Police Vs Maharashtra Police ended the draw with a score of 2-2.

At Polo Ground, the matches were played between BSF vs Goa Police which was won by BSF with the score 3-0, Assam Police vs Haryana Police which was won by Assam Police and ended the result 4-1 goals, Sikkim Police vs CRPF which ended in a draw 1:1 and SSB vs Chhattisgarh which was won by SSB with the score 8-0.

At Bakshi Stadium, the matches were played between Tamil Nadu Women Police vs J&K Women Police which was won by Tamil Nadu Women Police team with the score 14-0 and between Assam Rifles Women VsOdisha Police Women was won by Assam Rifle women team and ended with the score 3-1.

The chief guests include COs IRP 3rd Bn, IRP 23rd Bn, IRP 2nd Border Bn, Dy.Cos IRP 8th Bn, IRP 6th Bn, IRP 9th Bn, IRP 13th Bn, IRP 21st Bn and other officers were present during the matches played at the venues.

Overall, it was an exciting day of football with plenty of action and drama on the field. The fans were treated to a variety of playing styles and strategies from the different teams, making for an entertaining and enjoyable experience for all. The spectators enjoyed the games with a high spirit supporting their favourite teams with enthusiasm.

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