Hold JKFA elections without delay: AIFF to Secy Sports Council

JKFA Logo [Image for representational purpose only]
JKFA Logo [Image for representational purpose only] JKFA

Srinagar: All India Football Federation (AIFF) has requested the Secretary J&K Sports Council to conduct elections of J&K Football Association without further delay or J&K football teams would be barred from National participation.

AIFF Secretary General Shaji Prabhakaran in a letter dated May 21 to J&K Sports Council Secretary Nuzhat Gul has requested that the JKFA election should be notified as early as possible. AIFF Secretary General in the communication has warned that in the event of JKFA elections wouldn’t be held, AIFF will be forced to take appropriate action which also includes barring all J&K football teams from National participation.

“This is in continuation to our earlier letter dated March 20 wherein we requested your good office to notify the elections of JKFA. We are yet to hear in such regard from your good office. Please understand that under the current circumstances, there is an undue and mounting delay in notifying elections. While we understand that due to the pendency of certain district elections, you are unable to notify the elections, we reiterate our request in the circumstances to notify the elections,” AIFF’s letter to Sports Council reads.

“We reiterate our request as on the earlier letter dated March 20, 2023, to appoint a Returning Officer (“RO”) possibly a retired judge of the High Court to oversee the election process and thereafter post such appointment and notification, we shall appoint two observers from AIFF to assist and oversee the elections,” it reads.

In the letter, AIFF has made it clear that AIFF being a nodal body has to ensure that the operations of its State Associations are carried out in due compliance with the law.

“Please understand that as the nodal body of the sport, it is our mandate to ensure that the operations of our State Associations are carried out in due compliance with the law, since we sincerely believe that it is only when the administration of the State association is in order and dispute free that, a true focus on development of the sport can taken place. Under the circumstances, we request you to take immediate steps,” the letter reads.

AIFF has warned that if elections aren’t held then the Executive Committee would be forced to take action against JKFA.

“In the event that JKFA fails to comply with the same, we shall be forced to place the recommendation before our Executive Committee to take action against JKFA, action not limited to ceasing official communications but limiting the participation of teams from JKFA in all the competitions till such time that operations as per the due process of law (in this case completion of the election process as per law and set guidelines of AIFF) are resumed,” it reads.

“We trust that you will understand our sincere predicament and take steps in the interest of the sport and soon notify the appointment of a Retired Judge as a returning officer with a specified election date,” the letter further reads.

JKFA elections have been pending since last more than one year owing to various disputes and complications.

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