Nawab Mouzam competes in Ironman Triathlon in Malaysia

Nawab Mouzam competes in Ironman Triathlon in Malaysia
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Srinagar, July 27: Nawab Moazam Khan, a Kashmiri athlete, competed in and finished the Ironman Triathlon in Malaysia in a first-of-its-kind accomplishment.

The Ironman Triathlon is regarded as one of the world’s toughest competitions. Nawab Mouzam Khan, a resident of Srinagar, recently took part in Ironman 70.3 in Desaru Coast in Malaysia.

A series of lengthy triathlon competitions include the 70.3, sometimes referred to as a Half Ironman. The “70.3” stands for the race’s total mileage, which is comprised of a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride, and a 13.1-mile run.

Nawab completed the 21.1km run, 90km bike ride, and 1.9km swim in 5 hours, and 58 minutes. Finishing the race and receiving a finishers medal is a significant accomplishment for an athlete.

Nawab is known for his Mountaineering activities in Kashmir. He is an emerging mountaineer who was last season part of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) ambitious Everest Massif Expedition.

Currently in Malaysia as part of his education plan, Nawab hasn’t stopped his quest for adventure by taking part in the Ironman race.

He had previously also undertaken deep sea Scuba Diving activity.

“It was my dream to participate in Ironman competition to test my endurance and stamina. As this is a major event being held in Malaysia involving some of the known faces from around the World I also took part. I am happy to finish the race successfully and earn a finisher’s badge,” Nawab said.

“It is really tough to compete in Ironman races. It involves Swimming, Cycling and running all without a break. Ironman is not a normal triathlon event but way tougher than that,” he said.

Nawab may be the first ever athlete from Kashmir to have participated in and successfully completed the Ironman race.

“I don’t know exactly but I have not heard or seen anyone from Kashmir doing that. Ironman competitions aren’t held in J&K and as such, there is the least chance of anyone having successfully competed in any such race,” Nawab said.

About his other adventure activity like Scuba diving in Malaysia, Nawab said, “Scuba diving is a great hobby and as Malaysia has some of the World’s best diving sites, I decided to go for it. Moreover one explores the depths of the ocean, witnesses different fish species, coral reefs, underwater flora,” Nawab said.

Nawab is intending to continue Scuba Diving and wants to do Advance, Master and Rescue courses in the coming time.

“It is just beginning and I would be going for Advanced Scuba Diving Course, Dive Master Course and Rescue Courses in the coming time. I am sure I will be able to successfully complete those courses,” he said.

Nawab is well known in the adventure fraternity of Kashmir. Besides scaling various high-altitude peaks in Kashmir, Ladakh, Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Nepal, he has scaled the highest peak of Kashmir, Mount Kolahoi twice. He has done various mountaineering courses also. Apart from that, he is a cyclist, athlete and an expert swimmer having competed in various swimming competitions.

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