NIFF questions JKFA

NIFF questions JKFA
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National and International Footballers Forum (NIFF) on Tuesday questioned Jammu and Kashmir Football Association for contradictory statements.

In a statement, NIFF said JKFA is issuing statements which are contradictory and confusing as JKFA office bearers have no tolerance of hearing the voices of players and clubs.

"A statement issued by JKFA regarding one private club and about the funds which they have received from JKFA terming that the funds were actually released by Sports Council not by JKFA. NIFF will like to ask that if Sports Council had to release grant to any private club why would they divert it through any agency. Government has been financially supporting RKFC directly for qualifying into main I-League which is a huge acheivement. They have not diverted their financial assistance grant from football association. It is a mere lie to divert the attention from their wrongdoings."

"One famous international footballer  in an interview yesterday apologized for carring fake details of his achievements on social media by DFA President. This shows the truthfulness they carry in their statements and details which is sheer attempt to mislead the people. He also revealed that NIFF members were front runners in the association. And now their resignation from JKFA is a answer to many questions and why would football personalities who are owned by AIFF and respected all over the country quit JKFA. He also admitted that football teams and clubs who are huge in numbers have drastically fallen down to few numbers now," said the statement.

The statement said NIFF is a group formed by footballers of J&K of national and international repute and it has every right to ask any body about the alleged wrongdoings within the Association.

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