Srinagar, Nov 9: Equally known as residential area and a business hub for centuries –the Gojwara locality in Shaher-e-Khaas –now mocks at the government claims of “reviving the lost glory” of the ...

Srinagar, Nov 9: Equally known as residential area and a business hub for centuries –the Gojwara locality in Shaher-e-Khaas –now mocks at the government claims of "reviving the lost glory" of the old City as the area confronts civic problems on multiple fronts.
 The lanes and bylanes of this congested locality are dilapidated while drainage system and power transmission network too is in a mess, the locals said.

 The narrow lanes and by-lane (locally called Kocha)s are full of potholes making walking down the streets difficult for young and old, alike. While many have slipped on these narrow walkways, the local said, the problem furthers during wet season. And with harsh Himalayan winter round the corner, the locals fear more of trouble in the coming chilly months.
 "The wet season will worsen the condition of streets and everyone becomes vulnerable to slip," said a delegation of locals.

 The residents of Malik Sahib, Gojwara expressed deep resentment over the "miserable condition of the area drains".
 Rafiq Ahmad Hafiz a local said: "We are facing tremendous hardships due to defunct drains which remain blocked most of the times causing dampness in the houses." 
 "We need the deep drains constructed properly as is being done along the south City suburb. If Hyderpora can have a well planned drainage system why cant we?" they argued.

 Normally public parks are meant for recreation. The existence of the parks carries more of importance for a densely populated place like Gojwara where hardly any of the houses there have a lawn. But the park at Gojwara is proving a curse for the locals as the government neglect towards this free space has made it an adobe of rodents like rats. And as if the authorities are sleeping over an expected tragedy in the form of an electric transformer installed there.
 The locals said the presence of PDD transformer in the park was risky for the colony children if they play there. "What if some ball fells on the transformer and children go to get it?" the locals asked.
 Besides, they said the park was hardly being maintained by the concerned. "The gardener barely comes once a week to do his job… under these conditions how can we expect the park to be well maintained," said a shopkeeper Bilal Ahmad Bhat while pointing towards the park full of rat furrows.

 The locals said the transformer has been installed at an improper place as a result of which it poses threat to the life and property of the people.
 Muhammad Altaf, a local while pointing towards the transformer said it was "danger installed in inhabited area."

 The locals said the footpaths along the main road in the area were in a dilapidated condition which makes the public movement risky particularly during evening hours.

 The traders' community in the area said the absence of streetlights has affected their business prospects for the evening hours.
 "We could keep our shops open till late at night but due to absence of streetlights we are left with no options but to close our business by 6:00 PM," the shopkeepers said adding "otherwise we could do a good business till late in the evening."

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