Police demonstrates hi-tech drone in Lal Chowk

Police on Thursday demonstrated a state-of-the-art drone at city’s commercial hub Lal Chowk here.
Police demonstrates hi-tech drone in Lal Chowk
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Police on Thursday demonstrated a state-of-the-art drone at city's commercial hub Lal Chowk here.  

The drone was operated by SP City (East) Sheikh Faisal. "The drone is able to fly in the radius of 15 kilometers from the place it is controlled at. It has an in-built camera and is capable to enter into any structure, room or small things and record best quality video and photographs," the SP told reporters. 

Elaborating the SP said the drove transmits the video on monitor or screen of mobile phone, television or any other relevant equipment.  "It is capable of carrying 7 kilograms material also. The drone can fly around 400 meters high from the ground surface," he said as the drone transmitted video of the spot while flying above Ghanta Ghar. 

The drone flew over nearby hotels and transmitted images of structures on the SP's mobile screen. 

"It is very useful equipment. It can travel around 15 kilometers and show us what is happening where. Its camera is powerful to record clear picture of person or persons or situation from distance," he said.

He added that the drone is having one of the best features that it can follow a particular person to any place.

"Suppose, I want to see the activities of Mr A. As I make this drone functional and Mr A comes under its surveillance, I can tab a required option on monitor and the drone will follow him to the place he goes," he said.

Elaborating about this feature, he added: "In case Mr A enters in any building, the drone will make rounds of the building till he comes out and will follow him again as he moves. A person sitting in a room can have surveillance of anything and monitor activity of anyone."

Asked, whether the drone would be used to monitor and record law and order situations, he said: "No, it is my personal equipment and I brought it from Delhi for my personal use. It is not from the department."

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