GK initiative: SRINAGAR 2030

A GK initiative to invite ideas and proposals for the future of the Srinagar City
GK initiative: SRINAGAR 2030
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A GK initiative to invite ideas and proposals for the future of the Srinagar City

We are told by our elders that this city owns a remarkable past. But what we see belies the claim. They say it had a network of clean water bodies. We see filthy, chocked drains stinking heavens high. They talk about fragrant springs, salubrious summers, flashing autumns, and fulsome winters. We turn back and ask; then where has all that gone! They talk about the depth of culture, splendour of architecture, abundance of space, and the joy of life that all this produced. We presume it is a talk of some fairy land. They insist that it was SRINAGAR. And then we mourn together the death of a city that SRINAGAR was. 

Can we resurrect this city. If the rest of the world can create spectacular cities in barren lands, why can't a land so blessed with natural resource, and host to a deep human civilisation be brought back to life. 

Greater Kashmir invites opinions, ideas and proposals to make this city smart, while retaining its heritage, and recovering its natural figure. This city needs an overhaul, and calls for a development that is comprehensive, intelligent, and above all sensitive to life. You can participate in this broader dialogue by focussing on various dimensions of city planning, contributing to a futuristic vision. Can we tell our elders in 2030 – was this the city you called SRINAGAR – Shehr-e-Kashmir. You can mail your response on citypageeditor@greaterkashmir.com

Focus Areas:

Planned Housing with adequate free space 

Traffic management on modern lines

Road Networking, Market spaces, and Pavements

Restoration of traditional graveyards, and their scientific management 

Smart Housing Projects in congested areas, like Downtown Srinagar, to create open spaces 

Public Amenities, like street lights, Parks, Play grounds, Parking slots

Cleaning of drains, creating sumps, and de-watering stations that work round the clock

De-siltation and dredging of  flood channels

Restoration of Jhelum

Straightening and beatification of dykes

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