SMC tags ‘green houses’ for making city garbage free

Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has tagged several houses as ‘green houses’ for their contribution in making city garbage free.
SMC tags ‘green houses’ for making city garbage free

Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has tagged several houses as 'green houses' for their contribution in making city garbage free. 

On August 2, this year, SMC had announced that it will paste stickers of different colours on the entrance of households falling within its limits, to categorize their contribution in making city garbage free. 

It was decided that the houses which meet all the requirements for scientific disposal of waste will be categorized as "green house." 

Sources said that special teams were set up to monitor the contribution of residential houses in making the city garbage free.

"For the purposes, some of the houses have been identified at Rajbagh, Sanat Nagar, Lal Bazar and General Bagh Rainawari," they said.

One of the senior SMC officials said that the list of these "green houses" have been finalized and will be made public within day one or two and green stickers will be pasted on the entrance of these houses.

"It is not only pasting of green stickers on these houses, but they would be encouraged, benefited and honoured from time to time," he informed. 

Confirming the development, SMC commissioner, Dr Shafqat Khan said that "green houses" will be provided a pair of dust bins free of cost. "Apart from incentives, these houses will be provided free fumigation four times in a year, phenyl free of cost. There are lot of benefits that SMC will provide to them. It will encourage other citizens to contribute and fall in the category of green house," he added.

"There are lot of ways that can be used to implement the rules and regulations. We will encourage people to follow Solid Waste Management Rules and make Srinagar one of the beautiful cities of the world," he said. 

Elaborating, he said that households which would pay sanitation fee and will not throw garbage on roads, will get green stickers.  

Presently, the SMC has fixed Rs 100 per month from each household as sanitation fee. An official said that against the target of Rs 28 crores, SMC has been collecting only Rs 75 lakh per annum as "most of the households don't pay fee."

"The households which won't pay sanitation fee regularly will get yellow sticker. While the red sticker will go to one who throws garbage on road and also doesn't pay sanitation fee," an official added.

SMC has also drafted a document which reveals that Rs 28 crore will be collected from households and business establishments if they pay sanitation fee regularly which will help corporation to be "self sufficient revenue generator."

According to a draft, ,59 percent garbage is generated by residential houses. "In winter, the residential houses generate 426 tons of garbage which is 59.7 percent of the total garbage generated by various agencies," the draft reads.

It says that business establishments contribute 24.5 percent of garbage.  According to draft, expected revenue targets for collection of sanitation charges from households is Rs 21.36 crores per annum and Rs seven crores from commercial establishments per year.

In return, the SMC proposes 100 percent door-to-door garbage collection and ensure 'zero garbage' on the roads and no open collection points.

"We have made all preparations to implement solid waste management rules in letter and spirit. Some of the measures which are being implemented on ground with immediate effect include regular garbage disposal to be monitored by providing mobile number of ward officer and concerned sanitary inspector of the ward," said Dr Shafqat Khan.

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