Development of Srinagar marred by government’s apathy: Omar Abdullah

Welcomes 11 SMC Corporators into party fold
Development of Srinagar marred by government’s apathy: Omar Abdullah

Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said that the urban life of Srinagar city is blight with various problems, saying that neither the centre nor the state government invested in the augmentation of urban infrastructure of the Srinagar city in the past five years.

Welcoming eleven corporators from SMC into the party fold here at Partyheadquarters Nawa- e- Subha, party vice president said that the city ofSrinagar has fallen off from the development radar. "The people of Srinagarstand dejected at the paucity of amenities and the appalling condition ofroads.  The people of the Srinagar citywere forsaken by the former PDP-BJP government, the present governoradministration proved no different. The work on the various vital projects ofthe city that was initiated by our government was unfortunately stalled by theformer PDP-BJP regime. "

Party vice president said that National Conference despite being subjectedto political shenanigans and conspiracies of various agencies never left anystone unturned to work for the benefit of the people of the state. "Once inpower we will carry forward the mission of development and work towardsensuring peace in the state with active participation of people. The urban lifeof Srinagar is fraught with different issues; the party once in power will holdthe authorities accountable. For past few years no headway was seen towardsupgrading the existing road and transport infrastructure of the city. We arewitness to how government recklessly came up with certain projects in Srinagarwhich didn't bring any respite to the city. The need of the hour, therefore,calls for proper planning to rise up to the demands of growing population ofSrinagar city.

Taking a potshot at some of the decisions taken in the previous Mufti ledgovernment, he said, "The former BJP-PDP government recklessly displacedGeneral Bus Stand of Batamaloo to the suburban locality of Parimpura. Thedecision has hampered the livelihood of many and turned out to be leastfruitful towards easing traffic situation in Srinagar. In fact the decision hasput the commuters to undue duress," adding, "Unfortunately the proposedmotorable projects connecting either sides of the Bund were also recklesslyconverted into foot bridges. The measure many experts say was executed to servethe interests of few people."

Omar said that the absence of a popular elected government in the statewas taking its toll on the development scenario of the state. "The onus for themiseries that are plaguing the state in the absence of an elected governmentlies on Mehbooba Mufti. Had she asked the governor to dissolve the assemblylast year in the month of June, after being shown door by its former ally,things would have been much different. Today we would have an elected government looking after the basic needsof people. However she chose not to do that and what followed is known to all.It is she who is blameworthy for putting the state into a chasm," he said.

Omar said that once in power the party will put the city of Srinagar onthe track of eco-friendly and sustainable development. "There is much to do interms of job creation, traffic management, urban housing, beautification, andenvironment fronts in the city. Once in power the party will immediately swinginto action and provide for the development needs of the Srinagar city," hesaid.

Party vice president while appreciating the efforts of former Mayor ofSrinagar, YNC provincial president Salman Ali Sagar for his earnest effortstowards strengthening party on grass roots said, "I am hopeful that the newentrants into the party fold will strive for the betterment civic amenities ofSrinagar on one hand and on the other hand strengthen the party on grass roots.I am confident that Salman will continue with his good work towards increasingthe public base of party in Srinagar."

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