Administrative apathymars development projects in Srinagar: Sagar

Administrative apathymars development projects in Srinagar: Sagar

Jammu and Kashmir National General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar expressed resentment over dilapidated road in the summer capital saying "administrative apathy" has marred various flagship development projects in the city.

"Not just interior roads, the main arterials of thecity are also in shambles. The roads of Old City areas are dotted withpotholes. The incumbent administration is driven by a laid back attitude. Thework on the major projects of the city in particular and the state in generalis moving at a snail's pace for the reasons better known to the administration.There is no accountability on ground. We have already lost much of the workingseason to administrative ineptitude, indecisiveness and lack of planning,"Sagar said in a statement.

"Development in Kashmir is a story of missing deadlinesand neglect. Successive governments after 2015 lacked the capability to executedevelopment projects in the state. Governor administration has failed to meet  expectations of peoplevis-à-vis augmentation of basic infrastructure and ensuring all amenities tothe people, he said.

"Every pivotal department of the state is telling the grimlytale of ineptitude and inaction. We had pinned high hopes on the governoradministration that it will do amends to the wrong committed by former PDP-BJPgovernment but to our dismay ,the governor administration proved no better thanits predecessor government. People are yearning for good governance. The fateof various flagship development projects in the Srinagar city in particular andthe state in general is marred by administrative apathy," he said.

Expressing concern over the shortage of basic commodities inthe old city areas, he said, "It is not just edibles, the unavailability ofdoctors and other Para medical staff in the local dispensaries is also pushingthe hapless poor people to wall. I urge the incumbent administration to ensureall basic and effective amenities to the people. If this is the condition ofservices in the city, one can gauge the situation elsewhere in the rural andremote hilly areas."

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