Authorities intensify special COVID-19 vaccination camps in Srinagar

‘Aim is to cover left out population’
Authorities intensify special COVID-19 vaccination camps in Srinagar
File: Mubashir Khan/GK

Srinagar, Aug 21: Authorities have intensified COVID19 vaccination drives and are organizing special camps to cover left-out population in the summer capital.

Official data reveals that 76 percent of healthcare workers have been covered under the vaccination process for first jab while 44 percent of registered healthcare workers have received the second jab.

Similarly, the 71 percent of frontline workers have received the first jab in Srinagar and 45 percent have been covered under second shots of the vaccination process.

Fifty four percent of the population falling under the age group of 18 to 44 have been covered under the vaccination while the percentage of population covered under the process falling under the age group of above 44 has touched 100 percent mark.

Dr Mir Mushtaq spokesperson of Directorate of Health Services Kashmir said that vaccination Melas are being continuously organized in Srinagar to encourage people for vaccination.

He said authorities have established vaccination centres at the door steps of people to make it convenient for them to get vaccine shots.

“District administration has established COVID19 mela camps at Batamaloo and PanthaChowk. The objective is to make it convenient for people to get vaccinated,” he said.

He informed that special vaccination camps were held for frontline workers including Police, civil administration, lawyers, journalists, employees, and others.

He added that every citizen has to play his part in fight against the virus. “By getting vaccinated, an individual is helping first himself, then the society and district in fight against coronavirus. It is our collective fight against it,” he said.

The exclusive vaccination camps are also held at various places of Srinagar to vaccinate the targeted people falling in various categories.

He added that Srinagar district has vast population as compared to other districts.

“Some are saying that Srinagar is lagging behind in vaccination process. That is not true if you go by figures. Srinagar has the highest population as compared to other districts. It is at par with them if we compare figures,” he said.

He added that exclusive vaccination camps are being established by authorities to cover everyone under the process.

“It is the responsibility of every individual to not make himself vulnerable to virus. The responsibility on individual further extends that he should not get infected or spread infection among others. Therefore, people are urged to get vaccinated and help the society to avoid or minimize the predicted third wave of virus,” said Dr Mir Mushtaq. “The vaccination process for the left out people is going on aggressively,” he added.

He added that in several areas, health workers are also spreading awareness among common masses about predicted third wave of virus and to encourage them for adhering to COVID19 safety guidelines and vaccination.

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