Authorities to monitor marriage functions for preventing COVID spread

Tehsildars, enforcement teams to start night surveillance to check gatherings, SOPS
Authorities to monitor marriage functions for preventing COVID spread
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Srinagar, Oct 1: To prevent further spread of COVID19 cases, authorities have decided to impose fine on heads of families who will organize marriage functions with huge gatherings without proper permission from the competent authorities.

The move comes as there is no control on the gatherings in the marriage ceremonies and other gatherings organized by the people. Officials said people continue to breach the Covid19 SoPs despite a cap put by the government on the functions held indoors. The government has allowed only 25 people in the indoor gatherings.

“But people do not cooperate with the administration and continue to organize functions without any limit on the gatherings. The huge gatherings inside homes puts a challenge for the administration to contain the spread of the virus,” an official said.

Visuals of marriage functions available on social media also depict the violation of Covid19 protocols where huge gathering of guests and relatives is seen without following Covid Appropriate Behavior (CAB). Rarely people are seen wearing masks or maintaining social distance, officials said.

“People organize functions by changing their original residence and go to nearby places to organize marriage parties in violation of norms. Unless people will not cooperate, the situation will not be normal. There will be chances of increase in the Covid19 cases,” they said.

For the past few days, there has been a considerable decrease in the number of Covid19 positive cases recorded across J&K. Srinagar district has also witnessed a slight dip in cases as the authorities imposed strict restrictions in several areas in view of the rise in cases during past weeks.

“Traders have also cooperated with the administration and we now see every customer and the shopkeeper following CAB. But the only challenge is how to put a check on the gathering in marriages,” the official said.

These days the marriage halls are seen abuzz with the functions despite the government orders to limit the number of guests.

Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Srinagar Owais Ahmad who is also the nodal officer for Covid19 management said the administration had authorized Tehsildars to grant permission for marriage functions in their jurisdiction for the public convenience. “But people still organize functions without getting permissions and invite guests without any limit which goes against the Covid19 protocols,” Ahmad said.

The nodal officer said lodging FIR on marriage functions was not a good gesture “but the administration has decided to impose a fine on the household if the number of guests will be found more than 25.”

“It is not possible to check every household to see if marriage functions are organized while following CAB. But the administration is working out a plan and you will see drastic changes in the coming days,” he said.

The SDM Srinagar further said the district administration has ordered all the Tehsildars and Naib-Tehsildars to start night surveillance to keep a check on marriage functions organized without proper permission. “Besides Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars our enforcement teams will also start night surveillance to inspect the marriage functions and the guests present indoors,” Owais Ahmad said.

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