Bone and Joints Hospital’s overloaded X-Ray Unit gives tough time to patients

Bone and Joints Hospital’s overloaded X-Ray Unit gives tough time to patients
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Srinagar, Dec 13: The patient load and limited availability of X-Ray machines at Bone and Joints Hospital here results in long waiting times and distress for patients, including trauma cases.

On average, 450 X-rays are done in a day at each of the two Units in the OPD section.

A building of Bone and Joints Hospital was declared unsafe following floods of 2014. While the building continues to be used for patient care due to the unavailability of alternate space, its replacement has been under construction for years. The building houses two X-Ray units, both being used to cater to OPD patients from across the districts, including cases of Road Traffic Accidents and other accidents. On average, 450 X-rays are done on each of these in a day, hospital records show. That translates into 2 X-rays every 2.5 minutes.

Although the capacity of the units is adequate, the long waiting hours for patients result in distress and agony, especially for cases that have suffered from a trauma or are in pain. Many patients, as per the doctor at the hospitals, cannot even stay in the queues and are on stretchers or in wheelchairs. The hospital has not been able to increase the number of X-Ray units in this block due to the “unsafe” nature of the building, the anguish of patients continuing for years.

A senior doctor at the hospital said the issue is set to further aggravate if part of the building is dismantled as per the existing plan. “The new building is yet to be ready and we will have one of the X-Ray units unavailable when the building is brought down,” he said. He expressed concern over ‘about 900 patients’ being dependent on one X-Ray unit in the future. “That will be unfair to patients,” he said.

The Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, Dr Mian Suhail said the administration was aware of the load on the X-Ray unit and was planning to set up an alternative Unit before the building is dismantled. “We also have portable X-Ray machines in wards which can also be used in case there is a need,” he said. Dr Mian said the new building was not ready yet and the hospital administration had time to plan. “We are working it out,” he said while acknowledging the distress faced by the patients.

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