COVID cases surge in Srinagar

‘Rise in cases due to gatherings, intermixing of people in few pockets’
COVID cases surge in Srinagar
File Pic : Aman Farooq for Greater Kashmir

Srinagar, Sep 10: Srinagar district has reported the highest number of cases as compared to the rest of the districts this month posing a major challenge for the administration to control the spread of the virus.

For the past 10 days, Srinagar district reported 398 out of 1049 cases which is around 37 percent of the cases reported from the district alone.

The surge in the cases reported from the district on a daily basis has raised concerns for the people as well as the district administration as well.

A senior official from the district administration said the cases were reported from several pockets of the districts which witnessed gathering and intermixing of people during the past few days.

“The spread is not in whole Srinagar but there are some pockets where from Covid-19 cases are reported. The contact traces take us to particular localities including Rainawari, Zadibal and other areas where cases are reported,” the official said.

Notably, the government has opened schools for physical classes of 10th and 12th class students while colleges and universities are also opening from September ending. In wake of this, concerns are being raised to put a check on the rising cases in the districts.

Meanwhile, the official said whenever there is any gathering or intermixing of people at any place it results in rise in cases. “That is why we always appeal people to avoid gatherings and intermixing because it results in a rise of cases,” he said.

173 and 170 cases were reported on Friday and Thursday in J&K out of which 80 cases of Covid-19 were reported in Srinagar district alone on both days.

Also, the district reported around 50 percent cases out of the total cases reported on September 8 in J&K. Around 151 cases were reported on Wednesday out of which 75 cases were reported from Srinagar district.

The district was leading on all days of this month in the number of Covid cases reported across J&K. On September 7, Srinagar district reported 46 out of 126 cases reported from J&K. 57 out of 110 covid-19 cases were reported from Srinagar district on September 5 respectively.

“As part of our strategy, we have announced several containment zones and have intensified contact tracing and testing of the primary and secondary contacts as well,” the official said.

The official dealing with the Covid-19 management said that generally the cases are reported because of the gatherings in functions or intermixing of people.

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