COVID19 positive cases decline in Batamaloo medical zone

Srinagar, Feb 14: Batamaloo medical zone, which has been reporting the highest number of COVID19 positive cases on daily basis, has dropped to bottom on the positivity scale for past few days.

This medical zone was continuously reporting the highest number of positive cases in the summer capital with over 500 people being infected by the virus every day.

However, for the past few days, the medical zone is reporting less than 10 positive cases. On Saturday, Batamaloo zone reported seven positive cases, the lowest among all five medical zones of Srinagar.

As per official figures, Batamaloo reported the seven positive cases on Saturday, Zadibal block 19, SR Gunj 12, Khanyar 9 and Hazratbal 17 respectively.

The positivity rate has remained highest in Hazratbal medical zone which has also come down to bottom in the past few days. In the recent past, this medical block had touched a 50 percent positivity rate.

The positivity rate on Saturday in this medical zone was 1.57 percent.

As per testing of patients, other medical zones have also shown a considerable decline in positivity rate. On Saturday, Zadibal medical zone reported 3.45 percent positivity rate, Batamaloo with 0.65 percent, SR Gunj with 1.61 percent and Khanyar 1.30 percent.

On Saturday, Srinagar reported 80 positive cases bringing the cumulative number of positive cases to 101746 and active cases to 1359, cured cases 99480. The COVID19 death-related cases in Srinagar as on Saturday evening was 907.

Confirming the data, the spokesperson of Directorate of Health Services Kashmir, Dr Mir Mushtaq said that all these figures add to the fact that the preventive measures taken by authorities and cooperation of local population has successfully brought the number of positive cases and positivity rate to bottom.

“DHSK and district administration took several measures including awareness campaigns to educate people about need and importance of SOPs. Subsequently, we witnessed change in the bevaviour and people largely adhered to COVID19 safety guidelines,” he said.

He added that Batamaloo zone which has been reporting the highest number of positive cases now is reporting lowest due to measures taken and public cooperation. He added that this medical zone reported highest number of positive cases as it comes with the highest population, congested and largest area in terms of medical zones in Srinagar.

“That is why it usually reported more cases than other medical zones in Srinagar,” he said while replying to a query.

“Despite considerable decline in cases, people must continue to follow COVID Appropriate Behavior,” he said. “Even when people are saying that it is mild, there are dozens of patients who are on oxygen so people shouldn’t remain complacent at this stage,” said Dr Mir Mushtaq.

Appealing to people to make a collective effort to defeat the pandemic, he said “We can save ourselves only by following SoPs, wearing face masks, ideally double face masks, and maintaining good physical distance especially at public places.”

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