COVID19 positivity rate drops from 9.93% percent to 3.40% percent in Srinagar

Srinagar, Feb 4: COVID positivity rate has decreased from 9.93 percent to 3.40 percent in the summer capital amid drop in positive cases, official data states.

The data prepared by the Directorate of Health Services Kashmir (DHSK) states that in the past few weeks, the recovery rate of COIVD19 cases is also satisfactory while the testing is also going on aggressively.

An official of the DHSK confirmed that the positivity rate of COVID19 cases have decreased from 9.93 percent to 3.40 percent in past few weeks.

As per official figures, the Zadibal medical zone reported the highest percentage of COVID19 positivity rate on Friday.

The medical block reported fresh cases of 39 positive cases out of 600 persons tested on Friday.

The current positivity rate in this medical zone is 6.50 percent followed by Hazratbal medical zone with 4.78 percent, Batamaloo 2.82 percent and SR Gunj 1.46 percent and Khanyar 1.22 percent respectively.

In all these medical zones, 3521 COVID19 tests were conducted on Friday out of which 120 were found positive and 3401 negative.

“The recovery of positive cases in Srinagar is 98.8 percent satisfactory as of now and is further improving,” said an official.

The DHSK maintains records of the COVID19 cases on daily basis and then the data is also used to culminate weekly records to assess the COVID19 situation. The number of cured people who were infected with COVID19 since its outbreak in Srinagar is 85772 followed by the Baramulla district with 30575 cured cases, as per the weekly data compiled by DHSK.

The COVID19 war room established by district administration continues to extend help to general public in seeking medical tele-consultation and redressal of civic issues. The COVID19 war room was established in Srinagar by district administration amid COVD19 restrictions with object to give people easy access to various facilities.

“In it, we have officials, experts and other relevant people who are always there to help people. We are receiving continuous calls and grievances are redressed accordingly,” said an official. The helpline numbers to contact COVID19 War Room are: 0194-2483650; 0194-2483651.

“General public, as per officials, were benefited by these numbers during COVID19 restrictions in past, as callers sought help for including oxygen cylinders, ICU beds, essential medicines, ambulance, testing, vaccination, teleconsultation etc,” he said.

With the improvement in COVID19 situation, the workload on War Room has also been minimised. “The COVID19 war room has received thousands of calls wherein a team of experts provided advices to asymptomatic COVID19 patients about medical treatment and protocol,’ said an official.

The COVID19 war room also provided and assisted the people regarding vaccination, emergency medical cases, and counseling regarding different COVID19 protocols.

The district administration has time and again reiterated its appeal to people to follow all COVID19 SoPs including social distancing, wearing of face masks and vaccination.

It has further impressed upon people to not lower guard against virus especially in view of the third wave prediction by experts.

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