‘Dial 108 during medical emergencies’

ADC Srinagar to people
‘Dial 108 during medical emergencies’
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Srinagar, Sep 22: Additional Deputy Commissioner Syed Hanief Balkhi has asked people of Srinagar to take advantage of 108 emergency services and save precious human lives.

Speaking during the awareness programme organized by Emergency Medical Services, commonly known as 108 services, in collaboration with district administration, Balkhi said that even the school going children must be educated about the 108 services.

Balkhi, who was chief guest on the occasion, said that there are seven ambulances stationed at different locations of Srinagar which are able to reach to the distress call within maximum of 20 minutes.

He said the services are available round the clock on all days of the week, adding, “efficiency and fast-paced delivery of 108 services is one of the prompt service providers in emergency healthcare which people must know and avail.”

“When you (people) or any other person is in need of immediate medical treatment or you see someone else in such situation, whether it is road accident, cardiac arrest, pregnancy or any other medical emergency, just call 108. This is a life-saving number. You will get immediate transportation to hospital and medical treatment on way to hospital,” he said.

He added that people must know the importance of quick transport in providing medical aid and saving precious lives.

“For emergency situations such as a heart attack, trauma or accidents, 108 ambulance service in Srinagar is the solution that will come to your immediate rescue. This service is free and you don’t have to pay even a penny for it,” he said. He stressed that people must write this toll free number on wall or table calendars and also teach children about taking benefits of this service.

“People must also tell their children that in case of medical emergencies at school or home, they should call dial 108 from mobile or landline and get immediate help,” he said.

Balkhi added that one of the major advantages of the 108 ambulance service is that any person in need of emergency can dial the toll free number 108. They can connect to specially trained communication executives who understand the nature of the emergency and can act in a solution-oriented manner immediately.

“These executives then locate the ambulance nearest to the site, contact the driver and guide them into reaching the site. The response team in ambulance is also briefed on the condition of the patient,” he said.

He added that there are lots of people who cannot afford to hire a private vehicle to ferry a patient from home to hospital and vice versa. “They just need to dial 108 and the ambulance would arrive at desired place within minutes,” he said.

The ADC urged upon people to avail this free service in case of need instead of looking for other gratuitous or non-gratuitous services from others.

Mushtaq Ahmad, Zonal Manager of 108 Services said that Srinagar district has seven ambulances at its disposal.

“Out of seven, 5 are equipped with advance medical technology and rest two is equipped with basic life support,” he said.

He informed that the ambulances are equipped with ventilator, defablator, syringe pump, suction machine, delivery kits and other modern medical facilities.

“Every ambulance has its own trained emergency medical technician who takes care of patient with necessary treatment during his transportation to hospital,” he said.

He informed that experienced and professional medical technicians of the 108 team are able to provide quality pre-hospital care and improve chances of survival in case of life threatening accidents and emergencies.

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