Dilapidated roads irk Nowhatta residents

Dilapidated roads irk Nowhatta residents
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Srinagar, Aug 25: Residents of Nowhatta and its adjoining areas have expressed resentment against dilapidated roads in these localities.

The residents of Nowhatta, Makhdoom Sahab and Gojwara said dilapidated roads are taking a toll on them.

They demanded that ahead of the Urs of Makhdoom Sahab (RA), roads and alleys should be repaired.

The aggrieved residents said that the Urs is scheduled to be held next week and the whole area is in shambles.

“Recently, many drainage works were carried out under the Smart City project which worsened the condition of the roads. Although these works have been completed, however roads and alleys of the area haven’t been repaired,” said a local.

Abid Jeelani, a resident of Makhdoom Sahab area, said that despite multiple requests to the authorities, no steps were taken to fix the roads.

“There are huge potholes all over our roads. Defunct drainage at certain places in our areas has also damaged roads. By the end of this month, the Urs is scheduled to be held and a huge rush of devotees is expected. The dilapidated condition of the road will cause inconvenience to devotees. All link roads leading to the famous shrine of Makhdoom Sahab (RA) are in bad condition. We demand timely action in this regard,” Jeelani said.

The residents said that dusty roads are affecting their health and during downpours, there is a water logging issue. They said that the issue is also creating hindrances in the smooth flow of traffic in the area.

Greater Kashmir did a series of stories on dilapidated roads in Downtown areas. The officials maintain that they have finalised proposals for various road projects in Downtown, and the work will start soon.

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