DPS Srinagar student pens down ‘Rhythm and Blues’

DPS Srinagar student pens down ‘Rhythm and Blues’
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Srinagar, Sep 28: ‘Rhythm and Blues’ a book on nursery rhymes by a student of Delhi Public School Srinagar was released in a function here.

The book has been authored by DPS student Tuba Naquib of Class 12th. There are 26 rhymes in an alphabetic order with each rhyme symbolically represented by a diagram.

“I am a passionate reader, writer, poet and columnist. Since my childhood, I have been exposed to the environment of learning and education. Both my parents being educated, I have developed an interest for learning, reading, writing and observing,” Tuba said.

“Since my school education was from a prestigious local school, it significantly helped me to chart my progress towards expanding my interest I began writing short stories, poems, and rhymes at my place and gradually gained the confidence of submitting it to the newspapers and magazines for a wide readership which renewed my confidence and gave me a sense of emancipation because my words became the voice of many,” she said.

“I owe my journey of composing this nursery rhyme book to my immense love for teaching young children and exposing them to the world of the unknown. In 2019, I thought of using the power of my pen to achieve this goal. As my passion, I thought of doing something more than a regular word compilation in the form of stories or moral lessons and thus came out with the idea of composing this alphabetic-cum-rhythmic Rhyme Book. I have tried to design the book in accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP-2020) to provide an immersive and intuitive experience to young buds,” she added.

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