‘Driving test for issuance of license not in consonance with law’

Srinagar, Feb 18: Srinagar Court on Friday directed Regional Transport Officer (RTO) Kashmir to appear before it after a petitioner alleged that driving test is not held in consonance of rules for issuance of licenses.

The Court of Additional Special Mobile Magistrate (Traffic) Srinagar presided over by Shabir Ahmad Malik said that instant application has been filed by applicant Naveed Bukhtiyar through counsel advocate Badrul Duja wherein that driving tests are not held as per rules laid down.

“It has been alleged that the RTO Kashmir and all the ARTOs within the Kashmir Division are not conducting the Driving Test for issuance of Driving Licenses in consonance with the rules laid down under Motor Vehicles Act,” the court observed.

Court added that it has been further alleged that rationale behind ongoing current driving test is unknown and is contrary to the provisions of The Central Motor Vehicle Act.

Court said that the applicant has raised an important issue that requires the indulgence of this Court.

“Therefore, I deem it proper to issue notice to the RTO Kashmir for his appearance before this Court. Further RTO Kashmir shall seek report from all the ARTOs within the Kashmir Division regarding the conduct of Driving Test for issuance of Driving Licenses and submit the same before this Court on next date of hearing,” court said.

Earlier, the counsel of the applicant submitted that Regional Transport Office and all the ARTOs office have been conducting Driving License Test and the procedure adopted is ‘drivers reversing their car on a curved paths through poles either forming eight in reverse or otherwise’.

“Reversing driving test procedure is an outdated procedure where only the one who forms eight in reverse is selected, and is not scientifically or technically backed,” he pleaded.

He further submitted that as per Rule 15 of The Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, the procedure of Conducting Driving Test has been laid down.

“Under rules, aspiring drivers are tested through uphill driving, downhill driving, change in gear, use of hand brake, foot brake, overtaking, stopping of the vehicle in an emergency, etc. and the rules adopted by RTO Kashmir and ARTOs are not in consonance with rules laid down by law.” The court listed the case for March 3.

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