Dysfunctional traffic lights pester commuters in Srinagar

Dysfunctional traffic lights pester commuters in Srinagar
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Srinagar, Aug 26: Defunct Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) in the summer capital is taking its toll on commuters in the summer capital. 

Commuters said that defunct traffic lights are creating traffic jams on a daily basis. “Authorities are investing huge sums of money to make the city better for commuters under the smart city project. It is ironic that the main component of traffic management is not working properly,” they said.

 “For years, we have waited for the smart system to streamline the traffic, but the non-functioning traffic light system is not helping. It took years for authorities to install a new traffic light system, and after it was installed, these are not working,” said Amjad Ali, a commuter.

 The commuters said that amid traffic diversions, they thought the smart traffic lights would help, “but unfortunately, that has not happened.” They said that Srinagar traffic flow is taking a hit amid defunct traffic lights.

“At most of the junctions, the traffic is being managed manually despite the installation of smart traffic lights. Traffic jams in Srinagar have become a norm, and defunct traffic lights are a major reason for that. It has been a long time since the traffic lights were installed, but they are defunct across major junctions,” said Shahid Farooq, another commuter.

Greater Kashmir did multiple stories on the issue, and officials said that the project was implemented for the better management of traffic. They said the system, which is equipped with smart cameras and a state-of-the-art control room, would help streamline the traffic in the city.

“Our previous traffic light system was better because at least that worked to some extent. This new smart traffic light system is useless, as is it defunct. We appeal to authorities to make the traffic lights functional so that hundreds of commuters will have some respite,” said another commuter.

SMC Commissioner Athar Aamir Khan said that the system is yet to be commissioned and will work once it is commissioned.

“We have done its various configuration work and other works, and the traffic department is also looking into it. Once the remaining work on the configuration and related technical work will be done, it will be commissioned and will work properly,” Khan said.

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