‘Hit by 300 Pellets, Parimpora youth’s vital organs damaged’

In Ward No 20 at SMHS hospital, a young girl sat in a corner, tears streaming down her cheeks.
‘Hit by 300 Pellets, Parimpora youth’s vital organs damaged’
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In Ward No 20 at SMHS hospital, a young girl sat in a corner, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"They have taken my brother again for some medical investigations. Nobody is telling us anything about his condition," said Aisha while wiping her tears, as attendants in the ward huddle around to console her.

Moments later, 20-year old Musaib Ahmad, writhing in pain, is shifted back to the ward on a stretcher. "Please help me! This pain is unbearable," said Ahmad, a class 12 student.

This was for the third time since Thursday afternoon when Ahmad, admitted to hospital with severe pellet injuries, that he had been taken for the CT Scan.

Ahmad was one of the several youth who were injured on Thursday after forces had resorted to pellet firing to disperse angry protestors in Parimpora, hours before a young boy had drowned in Jhelum after he was allegedly chased by the forces.

"Look what they have done to him," said Aisha.

His entire body is pitted with the pellet shots and drops of blood are still oozing out from his injuries on various body parts. His limb too is broken with pellets.

He has a tube inserted to his abdomen and bloody secretions have filled a bag it connects to. Another tube is inserted into his chest.

Doctors said Ahmad has pellet injury in his kidney causing Hematuria, a condition where blood leaks into urine. Besides, the doctors said "some pellets" have also gone inside the chest of the youth, resulting in hemothorax, a condition where blood fills the chest cavity resulting in shrinking of lungs.

"More than 300 pellets have hit his back, limbs besides vital organs have been damaged," doctors treating him said.

Doctors said he was being monitored and decision to operate him would be taken depending on his condition.

As a doctor was examining Ahmad, his elder sister rushed into the Ward, crying: "There are no whereabouts of mother since last evening," said Ahmad's sister. "I got call from home that they have been looking for mother but haven't been able to locate her."

The sisters and two male relatives have been attending to Ahmad since he was admitted to hospital. "We are five sisters," she says. Their father is a daily wage laborer. "Mother would never have left father alone. I hope she too is not injured somewhere," the sisters break down a little away from the bed of Ahmed.

"We didn't allow our elder brother to accompany him (Ahmad) fearing that forces might detain him," said Aisha.

In another ward of the hospital, 20-year old Mehran from Chattabal is being evaluated. "He has some foreign body of the size 8 by 4 mm in his abdomen," a doctor examining him says.

"I was fired upon by something. I don't know what it was," Mehran says, as he cries in pain.

Injured youth, mostly pellet hit, are admitted to almost all surgical wards of SMHS Hospital.

Authorities said 79 injured had been admitted at the hospital since Thursday morning till Friday evening, upto 06:00 pm. "Over 90 percent of these have pellet injuries," they said.

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