‘Muslims, Pandits will again live together in  peaceful atmosphere’

‘U Kaul’s heart beats for Kashmir’
 ‘Muslims, Pandits will again live together in  peaceful atmosphere’
Photo: Aman Farooq/GK

Srinagar, Oct 29: National Conference President, Farooq Abdullah on Saturday said, “people in Kashmir are now living in constant fear-be it Muslims or Hindus” but exuded hope that they will again live together in peaceful atmosphere.

Addressing a gathering after launching the book “When the heart speaks” written by Dr Upendra Kaul, Farooq said, “before 1990s, Pandits and Muslims were living in harmony. Things changed and pandits were forced to migrate from the valley. Once envious brotherhood took a hit and we are yet to recover from it,” he said.

While recalling the memories of togetherness among Pandits and Muslims in Kashmir, Dr Farooq said that it was a great time of togetherness and people were using each other’s home for religious or marriage functions.

“But all of a sudden, everything changed. We were helpless at that time and couldn’t do much to prevent the loss,” he said.

Dr Farooq said the day is not far, when Muslims-Pandits will again live together in a peaceful atmosphere.

“We are all upset, but we don’t know when that day will come when all of us will live without fear and with peace,” Dr Farooq said.

He said that U Kaul is a great example of humanity for his immense role for the people of his motherland.

“He is not only a great doctor but a powerful communicator who treats his own people of Kashmir with love, affection and care. There are many doctors who are settled in foreign countries and hardly remember Kashmiris. He always has a great equation with his patients especially from Kashmir,” Dr Farooq said.

Dr Abdullah said that the leaders hardly pick phones of their people, but U kaul never disappoints his patients from homeland.

“His heart beats for Kashmir. He has shared his love for everyone through his profession irrespective of their religion and caste and greed,” he said.

Speaking to the reporters on the side-lines of the book launch, U Kaul said that in order to strengthen the bond between the two communities, “Kashmir Pandits should forget, forgive and look forward.”

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