Noted singer Shameema Akhter performs at DPS Srinagar

Noted singer Shameema Akhter performs at DPS Srinagar
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Srinagar, Sep 14: Shameem Akhtar a noted Kashmiri singer performed at DPS Srinagar on the occasion of annual day programme for students of grade 2.

In a statement, DPS Srinagar said Akhtar has become a sensation not only in Maharashtra, where she is based at present but has also transcended boundaries to become a nation-wide name. She has sung songs in Punjabi, Bengali, and Dogri and in her mother tongue Kashmiri. However, her Marathi devotional songs are being applauded on social media in the subcontinent, including Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Millions of people have viewed, liked, and shared them.

Shameema holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Bhatkhande Music University, Lucknow. She had completed her ‘Visharad’ masters in Hindustani classical music and has also taken music exams from Allahabad University. Shameema closely works with a Pune-based NGO Sarhad led by Sanjay Nahar.

“It was a great delight for the school, therefore, to host her as the ‘Chief Guest’ on the annual day. The chosen theme was “Unity in Diversity". The students presented a slice of every corner of the country. The students from different classes participated and performed various activities. A heart-touching Urdu song ‘Ek hai Allah, Ek hai Eswar’ fascinated everyone present. A delightful rendition of the popular song of yesteryears ‘mileh sur mera tumhara’ that emphasizes integration followed,” the statement said.

“Yet another group of students gave the audience a glimpse of festivals like Lohri, Baisakhi, Holi, and other festivals celebrated in India. The bhangra performance that followed next had everyone tapping their feet. The theme of the event ‘Unity in Diversity' was well represented by the students through dance, singing, and varied other items. An array of performances included songs, dance, and other performances which were beautifully presented and entertained by the audience.”

The chief guest of the event Shameema Akhtar also sang various songs in Kashmiri, Bengali, and Marathi languages. “It was exhilarating to hear the sound of such a versatile singer performing. The audience was overwhelmed by the performance and absolutely enjoyed every moment of it.”

Speaking on the occasion, Principal Shafaq Afshan said, “We are delighted to host a talent of repute and witness her art in person. It will serve as a wonderful reminder to students to invest in their dreams and look beyond traditional careers.” Chairman Vijay Dhar also spoke on the occasion. He said,

“At DPS Srinagar we wish to create a place that can serve as a place of high culture, a meeting point of artists, sportsmen, and others who have accomplished much in their chosen fields. The visit of the talented singer Shameema Akhtar is a reiteration of this endeavour”.

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