Public pathway again encroached at Hyderpora

Locals decry inaction by authorities | Action will be taken under law: SMC Commissioner
Public pathway again encroached at Hyderpora
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Srinagar, Dec 21: Inhabitants of Syed Hyder Colony Hyderpora are up in arms against encroachment of a public pathway by unscrupulous persons there.

After massive public outcry, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) had partially removed the encroachment on pathway on December 14 this year.

“Emboldened by half-hearted action by SMC, some people have again erected iron gate on the public pathway blocking it,” locals said.

“In absence of regulation, unscrupulous persons have encroached upon a portion of Astan Kul and public pathway by filling it and constructing structures over it.

“They first filled up the portion and gradually encroached upon it,” said a local.

“The 16-feet wide thoroughfare was clandestinely reduced to six-feet with incessant encroachments on the erstwhile irrigation canal and pathway running alongside it over the years on either side of the canal,” said locals.

They said on December 14, a team of SMC had gone on the spot and removed one portion of gate and left another portion intact. However, the next day, as per locals, “the encroachers again installed the removed portion of gate.”

“SMC team did the partial removal of encroachment exercise for just photo session. We are not satisfied with SMC’s action and demand full restoration of the public pathway. It is because of negligence of SMC that next day encroachers are having free hand,” they said.

SMC Commissioner Athar Aamir said that action will be taken under law in case encroachment has come up again.

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