Reclaiming Khushalsar's marshy lands | NLCO's initiative begins from Sazgaripora side

Reclaiming Khushalsar's marshy lands | NLCO's initiative begins from Sazgaripora side
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Srinagar, Aug 19: Nageen Lake Conservation Organisation (NLCO) has commenced retrieval of the marshy land around Khushalsar Lake from Sazaripora Side.

“The initiative, undertaken as part of NLCO's impactful Mission Ehsaas, aims to put an end to decades of encroachment and rejuvenate the once-neglected areas,” president NLCO Manzoor Wangnoot who is spearheading the public led campaign.

“Decades of neglect and encroachment took a toll on the natural beauty and ecological balance around Khushalsar and Gilsar Lake. However, NLCO's mission to restore the marshy lands is now underway, marking a significant milestone in the organisation's commitment to environmental conservation and community welfare,” he said.

“For years, the marshy lands near Sazgaripora had served as a sanctuary for encroachers, threatening the delicate ecosystem and limiting public access to these precious spaces. With the launch of NLCO's Mission Ehsaas initiative, the tides are turning. The initiative not only signifies a determined stand against encroachment but also heralds the revival of these lands as public assets, ensuring their sustainable use for generations to come,” he said.

Wangnoo extended gratitude on behalf of NLCO to the LG administration, SMC, LC&MA, and all stakeholders who have rallied behind this vital cause. “Their unwavering support has amplified the impact of Mission Ehsaas, showing that when a community unites, remarkable transformations can be achieved,” he said. “The retrieval process, commencing from the Sazgaripora side, holds the promise of revitalizing the Khushalsar Lake surroundings, creating a haven for flora, fauna, and residents alike. NLCO invites everyone to follow this journey closely and be a part of the narrative that is reshaping the landscape for a greener, more vibrant future”, he said.

“As NLCO's marshy land retrieval initiative begins, it carries the message that environmental stewardship and community engagement can pave the way for a harmonious coexistence between nature and urban life,” Wangnoo added.

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