‘Shopkeepers using Waqf properties duty bound to pay rentals’

Waqf Chairperson inspects Board’s properties at Auqaf Market
‘Shopkeepers using Waqf properties duty bound to pay rentals’
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Srinagar, Sep 12: J&K Waqf Board chairperson Darakshan Andrabi on Tuesday said that the shopkeepers who are using Waqf properties are duty-bound to pay their rents.

She said this while inspecting Waqf properties in city centre Lal Chowk.

Speaking to the media, Andrabi said that, “Waqf markets in the city center are historic markets and have been the livelihood of various traders for years.” She also said that these markets are a source of revenue for the Waqf, and every trader should pay their rent on time so that it will boost the Waqf revenue and they can work for the betterment of everyone.

 “I came here after over a year to inspect the market. Past few years have been tough for shopkeepers due to Covid and other issues. I am here to tell the traders that Waqf can't run if the people who are using its properties won't pay their rent on time,” Andrabi said.

 She said that many shopkeepers have paid their rent, and some have not. She said that everyone should pay the rent as these properties are the livelihood of many shopkeepers.

“You people are running shops which are helping you to run your families and pay all the expenses. You people should also take care of the rent issue. The rent is not that high, and given the shops are in the city's heart, it is not that much. If all the shopkeepers will pay on time, these rents won't pile up, and Waqf can also run smoothly, “ she added.

During the visit, Andrabi verified the allotment records, occupation records, and rent details of all the commercial units run in the Waqf Board-owned rented-off accommodations. The Waqf chairperson spoke to all tenants of these properties to clear all pending rent within a fortnight to avoid action from the Board.

“No illegal occupant will be allowed to continue the occupation. We have earlier also warned such people, but now their time is over. They have to report to the Waqf  Board immediately to clear their records or face grave actions,” she added.

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