Srinagar traders seek financial help from govt for installing CCTVs

‘Can’t afford hi-tech gadgets amid years of business slump’
Srinagar traders seek financial help from govt for installing CCTVs
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Srinagar, Apr 14: The recent order issued by the Srinagar district administration about installation of CCTVs at business establishments in the summer capital has been resented by traders saying they cannot afford the hi-tech gadgets amid slump in business.

Various trade organisations said that most of the traders cannot effort installation and maintenance of CCTVs due to slump in their business from last three years.

“We are not against the move of installation of CCTVs. However given meagre earning of traders amid COVID and uncertainty from past few years, they are hardly able to make their ends meet. Most of the trader cannot effort to purchase CCTVs,” said Farhan Kitab, president Kashmir Retailers Association.

“If the administration is making this move, there should be some financial assistance from government as well so that CCTV installation can be made easy and quick. We are surviving on hand to mouth basis and in such circumstances investing around Rs 50,000 to 60,000 on hi-tech CCTVs is not easy for us,” Kitab added.

The government in its order has asked business establishments that CCTV systems should be in working condition even if the business establishment is closed. They have also impressed upon installation of good quality CCTVs with at least 30 days of recording retention. The traders said that they switch off power supply of their shops after closing them. They said it saves power and minimises risk of short-circuits which is a major cause of the fire.

“Many fire incidents due to short circuit have occurred in Srinagar in past. Amid business slump, we are unable to feed ourselves, and making investments when we are in losses is impossible. The government has resources and they can help in installation as they have already installed the CCTV at various places,” said Muhammad Nayeem, general secretary of Polo View Traders Association.

The traders said that they reached out to the administration and apprised them about their issues. “We hope that government will provide us with assistance. If Delhi government can install over one lakh CCTVs for public, why cannot administration in Kashmir do same,” a group of traders said.

Ajaz Shahdar, president of the Kashmir Trade Alliance said that they would request the government for subsidy and financial assistance so that all traders can afford to install CCTVs.

“The earnings of traders has been low for years now. In such circumstances, we cannot effort to invest in hi-tech CCTVs. We understand that it is done for the safety of everyone but the government should also help in this regard,” Shahdar said.

The government issue the order earlier this month in which traders were asked to install CCTVS within 14 days. The order said that the move has been made in view of the persistent threats, relating to recent incidents of selective target killings in Kashmir.

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