Srinagar Traffic Police issue 2.5 lakh e-challans in 2022

Our focus will be on visible offenses in 2023: SSP Traffic
Traffic police checking bikers'' licenses in Srinagar. Archives
Traffic police checking bikers'' licenses in Srinagar. Archives

Srinagar, Dec 31: In a bid to go cashless in issuing challans, Traffic Police has almost switched to 100 percent e-challans since mid-2022.

As per the data accessed by Greater Kashmir, Traffic police in Srinagar issued 2.5 lakh e-challans by  December 31, 2022.

In an exclusive conversation with Greater Kashmir, SSP Traffic Srinagar, Muzaffar Shah, said that the department issued 2,80,444 challans for various traffic violations in Srinagar till the end of 2022. He said that 2.5 lakh challans were e-challans, making the e-challan percentage around 90 percent in Srinagar.

2022’s data suggest that riding without a helmet is among one of the top traffic violations done by commuters in Srinagar, with 39,534 challans issued for the same. Traffic police has issued 29,010 challans for vehicles without High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP).

Meanwhile, Traffic police has issued 28,099 challans for disobeying traffic signals. While tightening the noose on overloading in passenger vehicles, the 19,994 challans have been issued this year. 2581 challans have been issued for triple riding in two-wheelers.

As per data, 11,021 challans have been issued for driving in the High beam. Offenses like Jumping red-light, plying in no entry, without a seat belt, and wrong lane driving have witnessed 12828, 5007,12875 and 4972 challans respectively. Wrong parking, that often creates traffic mess in Srinagar, has seen a whopping 81633 challans, which makes it the highest violation.

As per the data, 1715 challans have been issued for Driving without a license, while 4670 challans were issued for driving while using a mobile phone.

Traffic Police officials said that via e-challans, they want to make the system user-friendly and cashless, bringing more transparency. As per the data, only around 30,000 challans have been issued manually, and since mid-2022, all challans are being issued via the e-challan system except for vehicle seizure challans.

SSP Traffic Srinagar city, Muzaffar Shah, said that they have taken various measures to make the system more user-friendly while going cashless. He said that e-challans and the use of technology will ensure that no violation will go unnoticed and commuters in Srinagar will know that breaking traffic rules will cost them. He said that it will make Srinagar a safe city while driving.

“We have successfully shifted to almost complete e-challans, which was my main target since I took over the office. This system will make people aware that visible offenses will be dealt with strictly, and no one will be spared. It will inculcate a sense of responsibility into the public, and hopefully, in 2023, we will make the systems more user-friendly so that people will not face any inconvenience,” he said.

He said that since the new system is in place, it will take a while for people to adapt. “But we are hopeful that we will bring more facilities that will avoid human interference and that people will not have to be present physically for various formalities. E-challans is the part of the same imitative where people will do things remotely with ease,” he said.

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