Unchecked stunt biking poses threat to commuters

Unchecked stunt biking poses threat to commuters
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Srinagar, May 6: Unchecked stunt biking continues to pose threat to the commuters and pedestrians in the summer capital.

The commuters is various areas of Srinagar said with no regulation on street racing and stunt biking in the summer capital, lives of people are being put at risk.

Greater Kashmir received many complaints saying that stunt biking on the roads at Rajbagh, Parraypora area, Nishat, Foreshore road, Hazratbal continue to pose life threat to people. Many latest videos have emerged showing youngsters performing stunts on two-wheelers on the busy roads of Foreshore near Hazratbal. Netizens while reacting to such videos expressed their dismay over the unchecked stunt biking.

“The parents of such youngsters must be very irresponsible who allow their wards to do such dangerous stunts. Some of them are even minors who are risking the lives of people on roads,” one of the social media users wrote.

People also expressed concern over car racing on roads. In a recent video, two cars were seen resorting to street racing on a busy Rajbagh road, resulting in a collision between the vehicles.

“In absence of traffic police, these people are openly risking everyone’s lives. Unless strict action is taken against these people, this issue won’t be resolved,” another netizen wrote.

Locals in the areas of Srinagar said that pedestrians and law-abiding commuters had narrow escape many times due to such stunt bikers. They said that strict action should be taken against such people.

“It is risky even to go on a walk in the evenings around Nishat and Foreshore road. Some of these stunt bikers are minors and their parents should be put behind bars so that an example can be created. Unless strict punishment is given to such bikers nothing will change. We are afraid to let our children out on the roads following these issues. It is a matter of life and death and unless it is dealt with seriousness nothing is going to happen,” Manzoor Ahmed, A local from Nishat said.

People appealed to law enforcement agencies to crackdown on such youth involved in stunt biking in Srinagar. They said that the menace is creating hindrance in the commute of people and risking countless lives.

SP Traffic (City), Tariq Wani said that the traffic department is continuously cracking down on the stunk bikers.

“We often track down these bikes and call them so that necessary action can follow. These stunts bikers are confined to places where deployment is low. We are also holding awareness programs and counseling these youngsters on the issue,” Wani said.

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