Will empower J&K people politically, economically: Altaf Bukhari

‘Politicians who remained at helm for decades are responsible for instability, deprivation in this region’ | Addresses public rally at Shanpora Habak
Will empower J&K people politically, economically: Altaf Bukhari
Photo: Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party

Srinagar, Sept 1: Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said on Friday that the traditional political parties and their leaders, who have remained at the helm in Jammu and Kashmir for years and decades, are responsible for pushing this region into instability and deprivation.

He stated that people in most areas across J&K are grappling with issues caused by an infrastructural deficit and political apathy. He pledged his commitment to ensuring the political and economic empowerment of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Apni Party President made these comments while addressing a public rally at Shanpora Habak in Srinagar's Hazratbal constituency, where local residents and party workers thronged the venue, giving a rousing reception to the Apni Party President and his accompanying leaders late Friday afternoon.

Prior to Bukhari's address, Junaid Azim Mattu, youth leader of the party and the mayor of the city, delivered a compelling speech. In his address, Mattu pointed out “how the traditional political parties had neglected the people of Shanpora and adjoining areas for their own political gains, leaving them impoverished and isolated.” He presented facts and figures to highlight how this particular area has been left with a disproportionate share of developmental activities. “This was deliberately done to benefit a specific political party that stole the mandate in this constituency to attain and remain in power for decades,” he said.

On this, Bukhari vowed that the Apni Party, when it gets a public mandate to form the government, will strive for equitable development across all regions within Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover, he pledged to redress the developmental imbalances that have adversely affected this specific area. He emphatically stated, “I assure you that we will spare no effort to ensure that you receive your rightful share of development. We are committed to delivering justice to the people of this area by rectifying the long-standing denial of their due share.”

He went on to emphasise that the primary agenda of the Apni Party revolves around the pursuit of sustainable peace, lasting prosperity, and the comprehensive development of Jammu and Kashmir. He underscored the importance of economic and political empowerment for the region's people.

He said, “Our agenda is crystal clear and unambiguous. We are here to create a brighter future, particularly for the youth. Apni Party stands out with its well-defined agenda and a strategic plan aimed at ensuring a better future for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. This region has endured immense suffering for several decades due to the protracted conflict and bloodshed.”

Regarding the current political situation in J&K, Bukhari expressed his contentment with the relatively peaceful conditions in the region. He attributed this state of peace to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, acknowledging their steadfast efforts in fostering peace and harmony. He stated, “The credit for the existing peace and stability in Jammu and Kashmir goes to its people, who unwaveringly contributed to peace and harmony as they realized that we require a sustainable peace here to get political and economic dividends.” “New Delhi may or may not require peace here, but we, the people of this land, certainly do. A peaceful environment is indispensable for us to lead dignified and secure lives. We cannot afford any more destruction and bloodshed on this land, especially when the future of our youth is at stake,” he added.

Expressing his hope that the Supreme Court, which is currently hearing the petitions challenging the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A, will deliver justice. He said, “I hope the court will deliver justice to the people of Jammu and Kashmir regarding the events of August 5, 2019. The people of J&K regain what was taken from them on August 5.”

However, he cautioned people “not to let any political party attempt to claim credit for this issue.” He said, “When they come to you, promising to restore the abrogated articles, you must be aware that they are making false promises because they do not have the authority to reinstate these constitutional articles. Only the Supreme Court has the power to restore them.”

The Party's Provincial President, Mohammad Ashraf Mir, addressing the rally, urged people to stay vigilant when it comes to their rights. He stated, “We understand it as a matter of fact that traditional political parties have been misleading people with their false promises and deceptive narratives. However, we must also acknowledge the fact that it is the people who allow these political parties to deceive the voters.”

“They always came to you to get your votes, and after attaining power, they forgot their promises. Now, it is your responsibility to tell them enough is enough. You should not fall prey to their fake promises and emotional slogans anymore.” He added.

Prominent party leaders who were present on the occasion included Muntazir Mohiuddin, Noor Mohammad Sheikh, Haji Parvez, Mohammad Ashraf Palpori, Jeelani Kumar, Peer Wajahat, Shabir Ahmad, Mohsin Zaffar Shah, Aadil Ahmad, Abdul Hammed Mir, Mohammad Ibrahim, Khursheed Ahmad Mir, Hilal Ahmad Kumar, Noor Mohammad, Gulzar Ahmad, Tanveer Ahmad, Bashir Ahmad Malla, Mohammad Maqbool, Bilal Ahmad, Mohammad Ayoub, Shabir Ahmad Reshi, and others.

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