Quenching the thirst of the venomous reptile, the video seems to be shot in some forest. [Screengrab]

Like a baby, man assists cobra in drinking water, wins hearts

On Saturday, a picture showcasing a bunch of gold coins with dirt and mud all around them started to make rounds across social media platforms in Kashmir and became the ‘talk of the town’.

Fact check: Viral image of gold coins has no connection with J&K

Inheriting the tremendous amount does not mean that the dog or her new caretaker can spend the money according to their will. Image source: Twitter

Dog inherits five million dollars from her dead owner

Both animals holding up to their corners uncomfortably in the washroom. Image source: Twitter/ @ParveenKaswan

Stuck with a leopard in toilet for hours, dog comes out unhurt

In 1991, Chester Hollman III was twenty one years old when he was charged with the murder . Photo source: Twitter/ @Face2faceAFRICA

US man wrongly imprisoned for 28 years receives Rs 71 crore as compensation