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Jammu: J&K e-Governance Agency, IT Department has notified e-office downtime for up-gradation to new version 7.x and its migration on new IT infrastructure.

The activities to be carried out during the downtime, which began on Thursday morning at 11 am, will continue till 1 pm on September 26, 2022.

The up-gradation of e-Office from the existing version 5.6 to latest version 7.x has been planned as advised by NIC New Delhi.

The activities to be carried out during the downtime by NIC, New Delhi and DCO, CDAC will have a set responsibility matrix.

Data Centre Operator (DCO), CDAC Thiruvananthapuram will conduct resource readiness in a new environment at SDC, Jammu for deployment purposes including the configuration of necessary monitoring and other related tools.

It will ensure full backup of e-Office application along with its database at multiple locations of SDC in order to avoid any data loss during the activity; relevant port opening as per the requirement and advise of e-Office Project Division of NIC, New Delhi; complete backup of the application; DNS Change whenever required on the recommendation of NIC; application backend Data Centre level support as and when desired by NIC and any other issues required to be dealt for smooth functioning of e Office.

Application Development Agency e-Office PMU NIC New Delhi will conduct backend related activities pertaining to upgradation and migration; pilot application testing and fixing of issues; deployment of resources from NIC for continuous monitoring of the activity; making of application live strictly before the downtime period or any other activity required for smooth functioning of e-Office post up-gradation.

“In addition to this, it is further ordered that the other stakeholders will also continuously monitor the activities during the complete downtime period. SIO NIC along with the concerned team will advise desired activities to be carried out (if any) post-up-gradation, so as to ensure smooth functioning of the application besides monitoring of health of the upgraded version of e-office,” the notification said.

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