Why Resist… ?

No one can afford to shy away from the fundamental requirements.
Why Resist… ?
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In this era of transparency verification of certificates is a routine affair in any system. No one can afford to shy away from the fundamental requirements.

Teachers, regular or ReT, must prepare themselves for a debate. A teacher is always engaged in thinking, attempting answers to "why" and "how". He does not come on to streets on flimsy grounds.

Sloganeering does not behoove his professional status. Suspension of teaching work or protest processions are not his tools. He is quite sensitive and his methodology of dissent is well defined. He organises seminars and conferences wherein he presents his view point. He discusses issues across the table.

A teacher always makes his SWOT analysis. His strengths open new opportunities for him. Conversely, weaknesses pose threats which he tries to overcome. He makes self introspection day in and day out. He is not shy because he is exposed every moment.

He is exposed on the campus, in the class room setting, in the company of his colleagues and friends, and in his neighborhood- everywhere and every time.

He always updates himself, therefore. He thus listens to all. Despite different sources of knowledge now available, his role is pivotal. He is the only live source of knowledge. His style is individual. He is a lifelong learner. He needs to improve his academic credentials. He must make it a habit to appear in examinations. This way his career graph will only go up. He is next to none." No people are above the level of their teachers". We are groomed by our beloved teachers at all levels of education. We owe these noble souls debt which is not possible to pay back. They were never motivated by monetary rewards. They were always self motivated. They were interested in giving more and taking less in return. 

A professional association or a forum of teachers is not a trade union. There is a clear distinction between the two. The functioning is also different. Teachers by their behaviour must appear different. And this differentiation makes them great.

Why should they resist ? They must work smart to accept the challenge that will open to them more opportunities, with a pride. Of course the modus operandi must be worked out together. Flexible approach needs be adopted by all the stakeholders to create an win-win situation.

Decency in dissent and tolerance within reasonable limits are essential components to resolve the issue. ReT teachers perform their professional duty in schools. Schools are the base of educational pyramid. Effective teachers make schools strong. Vibrant schools make the entire educational structure efficient. So the schools need a special attention.  

Immediately after the resolution of the current issue amicably following steps need be initiated:

1) Strengthen the DIETs to conduct result oriented teacher development prorammes frequently with due support of study material. Senior faculty should perform Resource Persons and these academic events must end up with feedback obtained from participants and faculty as well. 

2) D. Ed course for all such ReT teachers should be organized who don't possess professional degree in teaching. This will help these teachers to gain expertise in teaching-learning process and evaluation system. 

3) J&K Board should conduct periodic capacity building prorammes to sensitize ReT teachers about latest trends in teaching methodology.

4) Educational administrators should monitor effective functioning of schools rigorously to ensure desired outcome is achieved.

5) Teachers should, besides their teaching work, think over to find out solutions to the problems confronting the society to streamline the system. 

Lastly, our age suggests to boost the morale of young teaching fraternity.


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