Academic apartheid
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Academic apartheid

The constitution – held as a sacred book of democracy - is systematically disrespected by a particular ideology and community.

The constitution – held as a sacred book of democracy – is systematically disrespected by a particular ideology and community. Some of the important and fundamental features written are thus. That every citizen under Article 14 will be treated equal without any discrimination on the basis of creed, cast color and religion. That they will be given equal protection of laws. Likewise again Article 15 and 16 provides equal opportunities in State employment without any discrimination again on the above mentioned considerations. But on the ground what surfaces is quite reverse and shockingly so.

Discrimination on the basis of religion and even language is taking roots in a calculated manner. For instance Urdu language which was the common language spoken throughout undivided India from Dacca to Delhi and Bombay to Blochistan before partition came to be victimised by labelling it as language of a particular religion. Hence every effort is afoot to bury this language. Urdu knowing and teaching teachers are directly and indirectly harassed by withholding their salaries in UP and other States for months together. With the result their families starve. There are no employment avenues for urdu knowing persons, literature publication is discouraged, schools teaching Urdu have not been only deserted but even the dilapidated buildings are not renovated to ensure they collapse in many States.

The worst kind of communal mentality has surfaced from UP when Muslim candidates who have not only Masters and Ph.D degrees in their hands from prestigious institutions like Aligarh Muslim University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Milia University, have been denied employment on the ground that they are not Matriculates because they have passed High School level through Madrasas. These universities have been founded by the most enlightened minds of India.  One can only pity such a mean mentality. The spirit of democracy seems to have been ripped apart. Such hostility against a particular community is deplorable.  

Any system which falls under its own weight hardly needs any enemy to do this job. Communal minded actors and characters are unfortunately doing it with sense of pride. That is the biggest tragedy we are witnessing right now.  

Indian polity is fast growing on polarisation, hatred, community verses community, one faith pitted against another, propaganda against facts which definitely will have unbearable affects on the very foundations India stands. Friends are doing what enemies do.

Huey  tum doast jiskay, dushman uska asman kyoun ho. (Ghalib)
(B.A.Bashir is Sr.Advocate)
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