The Cancer of Immorality

In this world where modernization has reached a new high, politically, economically and socially as well, there is little scope left for morality.
The Cancer of Immorality
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In this world where modernization has reached a new high, politically, economically and socially as well, there is little scope left for morality. Among one of the biggest side effects of modernization, immorality is the biggest one and is spreading like a cancer throughout the world.

No doubt the western countries have focused momentously on growth and development via education and exploration. But now, the people of these countries think that they can get along pretty well with education and the acts that they term as "fun". I wonder what is so funny about them. Arguing with parents and elders, frequent utterance of profanity, misuse of internet, among others are really funny, aren't they? And the best thing about this "fun" at young age is that if it  is not constrained or restricted to a certain limit, it can later on lead to over whelming pessimism, depression and finally the addiction of drugs and alcohol.

Can you guess what the last stage of this "fun" is?  

While discussing this particular issue why should we go too far? In our own society there is a huge outbreak of iniquity. I as a student would know perfectly well what the present condition of teenagers across the valley is. Rampant indiscipline, dearth in ethical values and inappropriate arguments with parents and teachers are just a few indications of the disease that has plagued the children of our motherland.

I believe that every second of life, there is a clash of personalities and ideas inside a person. Each personality wishes to gain dominance within. Well, many people would sternly object to this. They might even call it utter nonsense, but believe me it is not. I must agree that, sanity would call upon us to believe that 1 person = 1 person. How can 1 person be equal to X persons? But after doing extensive research on this particular issue for almost 2 years now, I am compelled to disagree. Here the theory of the "3- fold persona" comes into play. Honestly I have a very vague recollection of who really put forward this theory, but that is not the point, is it? This is a rather unique theory as I understand it. It states that there are 3 different souls, ideologies or simply mind sets in a person. These are: (i) The principled side (ii) The fallacious side (iii) We, Our selves. The first side, notion or state comprises wholly and solely of virtue, righteousness, etc. and morality most of all. All the positive attributes of a person's life spring up when this notion becomes dominant. In a healthy society this side flourishes in abundance inside the minds of people. The 2nd side, the fallacious side, covers the negative side of life. Unnecessary pessimism, profanity and all sorts of evil and devilish thoughts and ideas are the brain children of this piteous notion. The 3rd side which is the most pivotal and fundamental one, is our own inner conscience. It is most essential, as it is in this part where we distinguish between decent and spite. It is the part which enables us to choose between the first and the second side. Well whatever has been mentioned in this theory has a direct and significant relation or rather influence on the moral and ethical behaviour of a person.

It is high time for us, as members of this turmoil ridden society to wake up to the bitter reality and to stop complaining about it. Only then can we really tread the path of "real" peace and prosperity. 

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